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V.A. - Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol. 1 (1994)

Prae-Kraut is a term that was coined to describe the mid-60's music of Germany and other European countries like Austria and parts of Switzerland with natives talking in teutonic tongue, seperating from the upcoming Kraut Rock stamp that dominated by the turn of the century. Cultural roots rather than national borders define the subject of interest and even foreign bands, who spent most or all of their career here, get incorpora-ted now and then. UK-bands like The Shamrocks, The Governors or The Rackets were literally unknown back home, but integral parts of the German scene. And the US-Monks still say: "We are a German band!" to this very day.
The pandaemonium part of the monicker wasn't chosen without thought as well. A new generation tried to shake off the evil demons of the past and wanted to build a new society by doing everything exactly the other way around, while the new establishment usually was the bosses in disguise, who feared the spirit of freedom like the devil hates holy water. Demons, ghosts and zombies everywhere...

While the old still couldn't get over the trauma of having lost World War 2, many of the young despised their parents for not having prevented fascism and the resulting atrocities. This may explain why many of the songs are about quite unlikely and ambitious things like philosophy, medicine, warfare or homosexuality, written in a foreign language, while most of the english speaking garage bands still sang about lost love and juvenile lust.

Of course the Germans couldn't express what was on their mind in proper English, but their failures were glo-rious and the immaculate intentions of the early days still sound better than anything that followed. And that's what the Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium is all about. An archaeo-logical project and a tribute to the decade, when living in Germany still was exciting and adventurous. It isn't dedi-cated to the few well known names like The Lords, The Rattles or The Rainbows, but to the many total unknowns, who scratched together their last coins to get their record released on a tiny label, when the majors wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. (

Note: Mercy is a US-band. 101 Strings are a US-studio group. Meta & The Bowling Boys are a German band, but the song was recorded in the 80's.

Side 1

1 Novak's Kapelle: Doing That Rhythm Thing
2 The Prophets: You Missed By A Mile
3 The Improved Sound LTD.: Leave This Lesbian World
4 The Dragons: Heart Transplantation
5 The Inner Space: Agilok And Blubbo
6 Mercy: Fireball
7 Malepartus II: Ich Glaub' Die Hole Mich Ab
8 Kaplan Flury: Jimi Hendrix

Side 2

1. The Petards: Tartarex
2. The Blackbirds: Space
3. Rene & The Ten Less Five: Ever
4. The Shaggys: Only An Hour
5. Ric & The Skyliners: Convicted
6. Dakotas: Don't Know The Reason
7. Dave Gordon & His Rebel Guys: Call Me
8. 101 Strings: Karma Sitar
9. Meta & The Bowling Boys: Und Ich

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

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V.A. - Psychedelic Disaster Whirl (1986)

Side 1
1. The Plague - The Face Of Time
2. Perpetual Motion Workshop - Won't Come Down
3. The Quiet Jungle - Everything
4. Last Knight - Shadow Of Fear
5. The Human Expression - Optical Sound
6. Thee Sixpence - In The Building
7. Children Of The Night - World Of Tears
8. Twentieth Century Zoo - You Don't Remember

Long ago released psych comp and one of the genre's classic ones. As the cover states: Guranteed Free of Flower Power! Blow Your Mind!

Side 2
1. Scorpio Tube - Yellow Listen
2. The Inexpensive Handmade Look - What Good Is Up
3. The Starlites - I Can't See You
4. Perpetual Motion Workshop - Infiltrate Your Mind
5. The Story Tellers - Cry With Me
6. The Caretakers Of Deception - Cuttin' Grass
7. The Boy Blues - Coming Down To You
8. The Strange Fate - Hold Me Baby

V.A. - Shapes And Sounds : Orange And Red Beams (From The BBC Archives 1967-1969 (2006)

`Shapes And Sounds' offers seventeen performances taped in BBC studios between 1967 and 1969 for radio shows such as `Top Gear' and Saturday Club', as well as some of the weekly Radio 1 programmes. This release, on both LP and CD, features six bands, all of whom will be familiar to collectors of psychedelia and pop of the period, some of which are lauded as being amongst the most rated groups of their time. For many pride of place will go to Kaleidoscope, as `Shapes And Sounds' features two tracks that are missing from the BBC's Transcription Service archive. Thanks to the recent discovery of a transcription disc, Top Sounds are privileged to offer a choice version of the band's most contagious single `Jenny Artichoke', as well as a stupendous rendition of the `Faintly Blowing' cut `Music'. Also thought lost and making their debut on record and CD are three splendid tracks by Tomorrow featuring Keith West, sourced from two editions of `Top Gear' in October 1967 and February 1968. Included are excellent renditions of `Blow Up',`Colonel Brown' and `Real Life Permanent Dream'. `Shapes And Sounds' also offers the four remaining Timebox session tracks from the Beeb archives, which include an admirable slice of blue eyed soul in their cover of the Young Rascals' `A Girl Like You', which the band never recorded outside of the BBC. The Montanas' selections feature a superior rendering of `A Step In The Right Direction' , as well as some cracking Moby Grape covers and a Kenny Lynch / Mort Schuman penned `You're Never Gonna Get My Lovin'. Of all these numbers from their repertoire, only `A Step In The Right Direction' ever appeared on a single. Gentle Influence impress with their BBC only cover of Curtis Mayfield's `You've Been Cheatin', as well as a very good version of their last single `Always Be A Part Of My Living'. The Spectrum offer a fuzz guitar spiked performance of `Headin' For A heatwave' which is more virile and much more atmospheric than the 45 version, and they enthusiastically rip through a Beeb only take of the Artwoods favourite `I Take What I Want'.
The sound quality is absolutely superb throughout, with nearly every track sourced from original BBC Transcription records and though few of the tracks on the collection needed much enhancement at all, all have been professionally restored and mastered. The presentation is immaculate and the CD has a twenty four page booklet packed with illustrations, band histories and listings of all their known BBC sessions. All the selections on this release were specially recorded for the BBC during the late 1960s and in many cases are better than the familiar released versions, and appear here on CD and vinyl for the first time. All copies are hand numbered and `Shapes And Sounds' is a legitimate limited edition release, licensed from the BBC with the blessing / co-operation of no less than nineteen band members.

1. Jenny Artichoke - Kaleidoscope
2. You've Been Cheatin' - Gentle Influence
3. Hey Grandma - Montanas
4. Beggin' - Timebox
5. Headin' For A Heatwave - Spectrum
6. Colonel Brown - Tomorrow & Keith West
7. Stay There - Timebox
8. Step In The Right Direction - Montanas
9. Blow Up - Tomorrow & Keith West
10. Girl Like You - Timebox
11. You're Never Going To Get My Lovin' - Montanas
12. Real Life Permanent Dream - Tomorrow & Keith West
13. Music - Kaleidoscope
14. Omaha - Montanas
15. I Take What I Want - Spectrum
16. Yellow Van - Timebox
17. Always Be A Part Of My Living - Gentle Influence

V.A. - A History Of Garage & Frat Bands In Memphis Vol. 1 (1960 - 1975)

Upon first spinning this compilation, listeners will be struck by the audio quality. Certainly, the raw, grainy tone of garage rock is to be embraced, but the quality of the actual production here is definitely not up to industry standards. It's clear that these selections come straight from vinyl sources, and not master recordings. But you have to put that aside for a variety of factors. For one, the overwhelming majority of these tunes are not available elsewhere on cd. Secondly, it is highly possible that the master tapes for these records have either been destroyed or lost over the last 30+ years. Keep in mind too that these hail from small local labels of the era.
With all of that said, once the music is actually moving the molecules around in your room, you will easily overlook
the sonic shortcomings of the recordings presented here. Each track is a gem, and as a whole, the compilation presents fifteen unique, yet consistent-sounding songs spanning 15 years. A track by track analysis isn't necessary, although I will say that The Yo-Yo's take on Billy Joe Royal's "Leaning On You" is nothing short of a masterpiece. That track alone makes this a worthwhile purchase (and admittedly, was my personal motivation for seeking it out). My only real complaint is that, clocking in at 33 minutes, the second volume could have easily been placed on the same disc. (

Ever heard of the Yo-Yo's? How about Shadden and the King Lears? Unless you were a rock & roll fan in Memphis in the 1960s, or you're a collector of obscure records, the answer is probably no. For every band that made it big during that era, there were countless others whose tour itinerary extended no further than the local rollerrinks and VFW halls. Success was relative; of course, most budding musicians harbored secret (or not so secret) hopes that picking up a guitar would be a ticket to stardom, but if the extent of their success meant making a good record or two, meeting girls, and being popular around town, that worked as well. As a rule, garage bands were less concerned with breaking new musical ground than with playing in the styles that made them want to form a band in the first place. The Memphis scene was strongly influenced by the soulful sounds of Stax Records; compared to other regions, there were fewer psychedelic bands and cranked up Marshall amps (as the local studio engineers didn't have much experience in recording such equipment). A History Of Garage & Frat Bands In Memphis 1960-1975 serves up fifteen bursts of youthful enthusiasm, and it's a great survey of the local talent. The Yo-Yo's "Leaning On You" is a catchy slice of blue-eyed soul; The Changin' Tymes' "Blue Music Box" sports a killer fuzzbox sound; "Uptight, Tonight," courtesy of Flash & The Casuals, is what energetic frat rock was all about; and The Castels' "Save A Chance" reminds that American singers were adopting thick, faux-Brit accents long before Joey Ramone and Bob Pollard. There's an accompanying book (sold separately) entitled Playing For A Piece Of The Door, which provides exhaustive documentation on the bands featured on the disc, as well as many, many others (making one wish that Shangri-La had been a bit more generous with the CD, which clocks in at just under 34 minutes). With a non-hierarchal eye, it gives histories of the acts who broke nationally (The Box Tops, Big Star, Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs) alongside those who released a sole 45 and dispersed when it was time to go to college. As it's a straightforward, alphabetized look at the groups, with discographies, photos, and personnel listings, it'll be of primary interest to hardcore collectors of the original records and those were present at the time, but the CD should appeal to anyone who wants to hear more of the music that the Nuggets compilations specialize in. (James Lindbloom)

1. Uptight, Tonight - Flash And The Casuals
2. Rising Mercury Twist - LeSabres Listen
3. Ain't Goin' No Where - Danny Burk And The Invaders
4. Can't Find A Way - Joe Frank And The Knights
5. I Tell No Lies - The Escapades Listen
6. Seven Little Numbers - The Rapids
7. Leaning On You - The Yo-Yo's
8. Ain't Got You - The Jades Listen
9. Possibility - The Coachmen Listen
10. The Mysterians - Jimmy Tarbutton And The Memphis Sound
11. Land Of Soul - The Rapscallions
12. All I Want Is You - Shadden And The King Lears
13. Blue Music Box - The Changin' Tymes
14. Save A Chance - The Castels Listen
15. These Windows - The Village Sound

V.A.- A History of Garage & Frat Bands in Memphis Vol. 2 (1960 - 1975)

1. Don't Send Me No Flowers - The Breakers
2. Geraldine - Ole Miss Downbeats
3. Shady Lady - The Shades
4. Your Love - The Percussions
5. Please, Please Little Girl - The Merits
6. Little Girls Were Made To Love - The Scepters
7. I Need Your Lovin' - The Chasers
8. Move It, Groove It - The Ponees
9. Stormy Weather - Tommy Burk & The Counts
10. Back For More - Lawson & Four More
11. Going Out Of My Mind - Ricky & The Rainbows
12. Condition Red - The Goodees
13. I Wanna Be - Memphis Nomads
14. Sally's Got A Good Thing - Village Sound
15. Warm City Baby - Honey Jug
16. Blue Green - Los Angeles Smog Division

V.A. - Visit To The Spaceship Factory (2007)

A batch of lost psych prog tunes from the early 70s -- with spiraling guitars, chugging rhythms and otherworldly jams from the UK scene -- and great little compilation on Nick Saloman's Psychic Circle label! The tunes were cut in the years between the psych heyday and the complicated prog sounds of the later 70s -- many with the catchy, freewheeling groove of the former and the metallic crunch and lumbering qualities of the latter -- all in all, a really great batch of spacey rockers that you have likely never heard before! 20 tracks in all: "Why Not Tonight" by Treetops, "Greenfields" by Mousetrap, "That Don't Help Me None" by Deadwood, "So Come On" by Jericho, "Tadpole" by Incredible Hog, "Spirit Of Joy" by Kingdom Come, "Sarabande" by Beggars Opera, "Bring It On Home" by Strange Fox, "So You Wanna Know" by Sunchariot, "Nervous Shakin'" by Kansas Hook and more! (dustygroove)

1. Treetops / Why Not Tonight 3:19
2. Mousetrap / Greenfields 2:47
3. Deadwood / That Don't Help Me None 4:05
4. Fuzzy Duck / Just Look Around You 3:58
5. Jericho / So Come On 3:57
6. Incredible Hog / Tadpole 3:32
7. Mouse / It's Happening To Me And You 2:52
8. Helter Skelter / I Need You 2:30
9. Beggars Opera / Sarabande 4:28
10. Kingdom Come / Spirit Of Joy 3:26
11. Little Big Horn / Just A Game 4:19
12. Strange Fox / Bring It On Home 3:20
13. Onyx / Air 4:00
14. Spontaneous Combustion / Spaceship 3:20
15. UFO / Evil 3:36
16. Sheephouse / Ladder 3:22
17. Pussy / Ska Child 3:06
18. Axe / People Come, People Go 3:05
19. Sunchariot / Do You Wanna Know 4:09
20. Kansas Hook / Nervous Shakin' 3:12

Mark Fry - Dreaming With Alice (1972)

This album was originally recorded in Italy and England during 1972 by an almost unknown artist who is now a mystery. The album was only ever released in Italy and was almost entirely unknown in the UK and elsewhere around the world. Like many albums after a limited release it receded to a forgotten back page of musical history. It was in the late 1990s that Akarma Records in Italy reissued the album on CD with the original sleeve on the evocative cover.

When we read of an album being labeled 'psychedelic folk' it is often a dubious use of the term and a listener may be at a loss to find the elusive element of psychedelia. However there can be no such doubt with regard to this album which is a defining masterpiece of the style.

From the cover it is clear that this album seeks to fuse the whimsical text and graphics with a deep sense of the rural and with the tarot styled cards elements of folk low magic are also implied. The back cover shows some kind of pagan princess or holy woman in a trance like state and inside we see a young woman asleep. With such an evocative cover the scene is set for something special and for once here is an album that lives up to it's fusion of the surreal, rural and magical.

The whole album seems to be about sharing some kind of surreal psychedelic dream with Alice from the Alice Through The Looking Glass book. This book had like the nonsense wordplay of Lear been a defining influence on British psychedelic culture, linking the new mental expansion with a quaint gentle surreal element. Throughout the album minute long miniature songs explore these dreams and visions carrying on the 'Dreaming With Alice' theme and eventually submerging it in echo, fuzzed wah wah guitar and backwards tapes. From the first version of this onwards we immediately experience something strange, a little one verse song with just acoustic guitar and heavily processed, echoed vocals that seem distant, removed and emotionally disconnected. The first lyrics we hear start as it then continues.

"Did you pass the glass mountain?
Where Salome opened her dress.
Did you see the dolphins feathered fountain?
Oh the King made a bloody mess"

Disconnected and remote it may be but it is also warm and enveloping, a hazy opiate lullaby. It is then quickly on to 'The Witch' weaving guitar with pulsing eastern percussion and sitar topped by flute and the vocals which carry on the heavy processing. This is a darker song which seeks the Witch to cure his loneliness by coming through the window, the sound is heavily psychedelic and gives way to a beautiful ballad which is followed by the innocent childlike 'Roses for Columbus', a song s delicate it almost seems an effort to sing it and considers the discovery of America. Next is 'A Norman Solider' which seems beamed from the twelve century and provides a picture of a fog filled landscape, the solider half seen through grey light. By now the 'Dreaming With Alice' interludes are becoming ever stranger as some kind of inexplicable narrative develops with Cleopatra eating Christmas cake and asking to be called Pyramid Prostitute, however the words are almost beyond meaning becoming a soft tapestry over the soothing music which has you similarly drifting mentally. 'Lute and Flute' is baroque medieval folk that is quite exquisite and similar to Amazing Blondel.

'Down Narrow Streets' roots us back in some kind of memory from the singer's past, it is very moving yet cannot be placed. The guitars weave around each other in layers, the vocals shimmer and glide across the music, as though trying to remember the distant, hazy recesses of childhood. From here we enter the psychedelic epic of 'Mandolin Man' which clearly is meant to be the singer and even has this in the title. This starts as a driving primitive folk rhythm with a fantastic riff, if this had been earlier I'm certain it would have inspired a Jimmy Page adaptation.

'Oh Mystery man, where are you going?
I can see, your eyes are snowing'

The guitar probes and pushes with a circular riff and blues slide soloing over the top, a heavy deep drum beat comes it and it evolves to take in seething wah wah guitar with banks of hugely processes vocals like a heavenly choir, the soloing becomes more frenetic and it achieves a deep heavy folk sound that few have ever achieved.

The final version of 'Dreaming With Alice' is so heavily processed, so 'gone' that the lyrics are all but indecipherable and we end as we began, in thrall to Alice and her entrancing dream.

'And I'm With Alice In Wonderland
Skipping through the rain
Flowered marbles in our hands
as we roll on down the lane
as we laugh on down the lane'
(repeat last line to fade)

Reference points for the album are hard as it is truly unique. Donovan was often as surreal but never as distant, Nick Drake explored acoustic music in a similar way but to far different more personal effect, artists like Steve Tilston were never as extreme. Perhaps it is closest to the modern generation, to such as In Gowan Ring' who merge the psychedelic with a focused distant quality, or Fit and Limo with their genuine sitar folk sound, or Stone Breath with their mystical evocations that beguile and scare in equal parts, or Drekka with their low-fi rumbling darkness. However none are truly close and that is because the artist here is not giving us his personal feelings but connects on a deep more sub-conscious level, with our innate feelings, with the part of ourselves we cannot reach. Whether by drugs, religion or music that was the purpose of psychedelia, to connect with that we cannot grasp in ourselves except through the shortest glimpses of forgotten child hood. In this it provides a defining album that not only in sound, but in it's quest attempts to connect the broken synapses of memory. Inevitably by the end the processing of the music is so extreme that the fragile connection is lost, we cannot find these places in ourselves except in the fragmented transitory illusions of sleep when we once again dream with Alice. (

Trader Horne - Morning Way (1970)

One of the most interesting one-shots of the early '70s, this duo featured Irish multi-instrumentalist Jackie McAuley, who was responsible for some of those great organ lines on Them's early records, and Judy Dyble, who sang on Fairport Convention's first album before being replaced by Sandy Denny in 1968. Their sole LP, Morning Way, is nice if slightly precious British folk-rock with an Olde English, fairy-tale air, and will appeal to fans of the early work of both Donovan and Fairport. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

Like many bands before them Trader Horne released an album preceded by a couple of singles, the band promptly broke up and the album sank. Years later it is discovered by collectors and found to be high quality and of interest. The musicians in this band had a pedigree that should not have condemmed the album unfairly. The female singer Judy Dyble had been the original one for Fairport Convention on their first album and Jackie McAuley had been a key member of primal Irish R&B band Them. However here they had both evolved into crafted folk with a production that should have crossed them over to the popular music charts. The songs are folk-pop with psychedelic production touches and like Amazing Blondel are enfused with baroque elements of early music. Harpsicord, xylophone, auto-harp and organ all help this album sound different from many. There is a childlike air to many of the tracks, a fey innocence that is appealing. Some of the tracks have pseudo mystical themes such as the instrumental 'Three Rings for Eleven Kings' however this is never taken too seriously. Each track links to the next with a little short musical segue that provides continuity and reminds of the marvellous uncompleted 'Teenage Opera' by Mark Wirtz. Stand out tracks include 'Morning Way' with it's descending chord sequences and dual vocals and the deeply psychedelic 'The Mutant' with it's treated slightly unsettling vocals. All of the singles are added back to this enjoyable reissued CD which has a sleeve that looks like a Monty Python animation out take. (Mark Coyle)

1. Jenny May
2. Children Of Care
3. Three Rings For Eleven Kings
4. Growing Man
5. Down And Out Blues
6. Mixed Up Kind
7. Better Than Today
8. In My Loneliness
9. Sheena
10. Mutant
11. Morning Way
12. Velvet To Atone
13. Luke That Never Was
14. Here Comes The Rain
15. Goodby Mercy Kelly

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Lambert & Nuttycombe - At Home (1970)

Dennis Lambert and Craig Nuttycombe had been on the fringes of LA's music scene for some time, including stints with bands such as the East Side Kids and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, when they decided to proceed as a duo. This 1970 release was recorded live at the home they shared in Sausalito, California, and co-produced by David Anderle (The Doors, Love), Chad Stuart (Chad and Jeremy) and Glyn Johns (the Beatles, the Rolling Stones). A mellow collection of self-penned ballads that showcases their superb vocal harmonies and subtle guitar interplay, it has attracted a major cult following over the years. Though they gigged widely in California, Lambert's heroin addiction made it hard for them to break nationally and they parted after recording one further album in 1973.

1. Morning
2. Time
3. Bird Song
4. My Own Beat
5. Something On My Mind
6. Mouse
7. Ode To Drugan
8. Putting Myself Together Again
9. Mr. Bojangles
10. Country Song
11. Heaven Knows (Where I've Been)
12. Clover


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V.A. - Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word Vol.2 (2006)

Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word 2" is the fifth release from Delay 68 Records and the follow up to the critically acclaimed best seller first volume, and its sequel 'Prog Is Not A Four Letter Word'. Featuring a few old faces and a host of undiscovered talent from home and abroad, this brilliant compilation picks up where volume one left off and promises to be even better! Once again compiled by, and featuring original artwork and sleevenotes from Andy Votel (Twisted Nerve/BMusic), this compilation is brought you by the Finders Keepers Records team, responsible for bringing you Welsh Rare Beat, and Jean Claude Vannier's 'L'Enfant Aassassin Des Mouches'. (

1. Carol Batton - Intro
2. Midsommar - Balladen Om Belfast
3. Y Triban - A Night In The City
4. These Trails - Of Broken Links
5. Chuck & Mary Perrin - Flying
6. Jan & Lorraine - Number 33
7. Elly & Rikkert - Heksenkring
8. Susan Christie - Paint A Lady
9. Paul Parrish - Dialogue Of Wind And Lover
10. Emmanuelle Parrenin - Apres Londee
11. Naomi - How Do?
12. Parchment - Son Of God
13. Alexis Korner & CCS - Sunrise
14. Woody Simmons - Grey Today
15. Vainica Doble - Dime Felix
16. 11.59 - The Waters Of Babylon
17. Midwinter - Maids And Gentlemen
18. Pentangle - I Saw An Angel
19. Sibylle Baier - Softly
20. Turid - Song
21. Turid - På Tredje Dagen Uppståndna

V.A. - Bearded Ladies (2007)

Effervescent songbird Jane Weaver has joined forces with Finders Keepers to produce a B-Music certified canon of femme-folk, laden with finger picked meandering melodies, ethereal harmonies and wistful psychedelic leanings.
This bespoke globe-trotting decade spanning collection traces a line between the acid soaked protest rumblings of yesteryear and the forward looking/backward facing revivalists of today, as luminaries such as Wendy & Bonnie, Bonnie Dobson, Heather Jones and Susan Christie rub shoulders with the current cream of female songsmithery including Emma Tricca, Magphai, and Cate Le Bon.


1. Speck Mountain - Hey-Moon
2. Wendy & Bonnie - Paisley Window Pane
3. Magpahi - Horses
4. Emma Tricca - Martin and Me
5. Selda - Gesi Baglari
6. Lispector - Peachtree Street
7. Bonnie Dobson - Milk & Honey
8. Turid - LŒt Mig Se Dig
9. Heather Jones - Coli Laith
10. Lights - Branches Low mp3
11. Susan Christie - Rainy Day
12. Jane Weaver - All These Rivers
13. Brigitte Fontaine - Le Goudron
14. Heaven and Earth - Refuge
15. Cate Le Bon - Disappear

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The National Gallery - Performing Musical Interpretations Of The Paintings Of Paul Klee (1968)

Literally an 'art-rock' concept album from Cleveland, inspired by the works of artist Paul Klee (1879-1940) and complete with a glossy leaflet with lyrics and pictures of some of his paintings.

A fusion of harmonious folk, pop and avant garde with some psychy touches, culminating in its most memorable track Long Hair Soulful with stoned vocals and acid-etched guitar. This had been released on 45 in 1967 in an abridged form and credited to Bhagavad Gita, backed by an instrumental version of the same (Philips 40485, with PS). The instrumental take can be heard on Beyond The Calico Wall CD (not on the LP version).

The musicians themselves don't get a name-check, just a picture - three guys and a gal.

Composers Roger Karshner and Charles Mangione were involved with several other Cleveland area acts and Karshner was manager of one of the city's more successful sixties bands, The Outsiders.

It's worth noting that several tracks on this album were also recorded, in jazzier versions, by the Gap Mangione Trio on the album Diana In The Autumn Wind(GRC 9001) 1968, with Charles Mangione, Steve Gadd and Tony Levin. Mangione kept on recording throughout the seventies, with at least three albums on A&M between 1976 and 1979. (Max Waller)

Friday, September 14, 2007

V.A. - Fairytales Can Come True - UK Popsike From The Late '60s (2007)

Late 60s UK psychedelia -- full of glowing harmonies, chiming strings, propulsively rhythmic and groovy experimentalist touches -- compiled and overseen by contemporary psych wunderkind Nick Saloman, aka Bevis Frond! What really makes this first volume of period pop psych from Salomon's Psychic Circle imprint is the craft involved in each and every tune. The guitars swirl and the vocal harmonies soar in a big way -- and many of the tunes are built from deconstructed pop, rock, folk and r&b and recast for the psych generation in a really wonderful way. Most of the artists and tunes are completely fresh to our ears -- and here's hoping the Psychic Circle label will spin out equally wonderful comps for years to come! 20 tracks in all:

1. Summer Of Last Year - The Pyramid
2. Bring A Little Lovin' - Los Bravos
3. You Kissed Him - Fred Lloyd
4. See The People - Lomax Alliance
5. Cousin Jane - Barry Benson
6. Boy Needs A Girl, A - Dreams
7. Mary Ann She - Grisbydyke
8. Fairy Tales Can Come True - San Francisco Earthquake
9. Trees - Gallagher/Lyle
10. Umbrella Man - Searchers
11. Penelope Breedlove - Dave Christie
12. Nine To Five - Promise
13. Keeping My Head Above Water - Peppermint Circus
14. Look Away - Virgil Brothers
15. Upside Down Inside Out - Snappers
16. Pumpkin Mini - Katch 22
17. Just Another Wedding Day - Brian Connell & The Roundsound
18. Saturday Town - The Darlings
19. Daytime - Hedgehoppers Anonymous
20. Help Me To Help Myself - Roulettes

Special thanks to debcat70!

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Dimentia 13 - Disturb The Air (1989)

With the assistance of Glen Rehse, of Plasticland, acting as producer, Brad, Louanne and drummer Witold Janczak, have created a slice of 80's psychedelic rock that in future years will certainly be seen as one of the main representations of the genre. This is the first Dimentia 13 album to include musicians other than Brad and Louanne and it is a great pleasure to find guest appearances made by Glen Rehse (on keyboards) and John Fallon of The Steppes (who plays some superb raga rock guitar on "St. John Society's Children"). John Fallon's contribution came about by pure chance.
Brad:-"John happened to be in the US when we were recording the new album. He was staying in Chicago and got in contact with Glenn who told him about myself and the new recordings. He came down to the studio one day, while we were laying down some basic tracks, and kindly added some superb guitar work on a song I just happened to pick because it had a long instrumental passage in it. He did a wonderful job on "St. John Society's Children". It wasn't originally intended to be the close-out of the album until John came in a did his bit. I decided then that it sounded so good that nothing could possibly follow it!"
In addition to the guitar maelstrom of "St. John Society's Children" 'Disturb the Air' contains some sizzling psyched out passages of music that go hand-in-hand with some rather more laid back melodies. "Martyred Under Mary" rocks gently in the cradle of a beautiful, swooping bass line whereas "Do What You Will" and "Yesterday Will Never Tell" punch through to your subconscious with their sharp and dynamic acid-rock guitar lines. Amongst those guitar moments, mentioned previously, we find the very Barrettesque "It's Awfully Nice of You", the purely acoustic "Madrigal" and the ethereal floating astral navigations of "Disturb the Air" - the title track of the new LP that is given a fabulous keyboard embellishment by Mr. Rehse (who presumably also had some involvement with "Arousing Polaris", a song named after the pre-Plasticland group). Whether you like your psych bluesy, melodic, explosive or just plain weird that you will find something to satisfy your cravings here. (from Freakbeat Magazine #6, UK, by Richard Allen)

Bradley S. Warner: Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Louanne M. Varholick: Bass, Vocals
Drums by Witold Janczak except "Madrigal"
Lead Guitar on "St. John" by John Fallon (The Steppes)


Martyred Under Mary
Do What You Will
Get Me Out Of Sing Sing
Yesterday WIll Never Tell
It's Awfully Nice Of You
I Don't Want You
Disturb The Air
Arousing Polaris
St. John Society's Children

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

V.A. - Fun With Mushrooms (1993)

Hi! Lophophora Williamsii here!

It's that time of year again & my mate Psilocybe Semilanceata has just popped up for a cup of tea Mmmmmmm... nice one Mr. P!

Well, what have we here? "Fun With Mushrooms" indeed... (And we're not talking Chesswoods). Before we float off in a haze of purple electric pagodas, let me just say on behalf of both of us, that we're proud to be able to gibber on the back of this plastic pantechnicon of pulsating pyrotechnical performances. Now all you have to do is turn the lights down low, light up the joss sticks, make your body comfortable and powered by a psychedelic cup of tea immerse your mind in this fungus fantasia.

What we have here is some of the very best of current psychedelic music, music that goes beyond any fashion conscious trend, music that exists outside of any MTV Corporate Hype, and just like the mushrooms that inspired it, has a tendancy to sprout up all over the globe as a celebration of life... shouting out "Freedom", "Justice" &"Liberty" (Liber-tea?)... there for all those who want to explore... the ultimate taster of musical fungi sprouting through the crap & mundane. So eat, drink & be merry, and remember - as a famous freak once said "To be a mushroom is to rise above the shit"...


Lophophora & Mr.P

Track Listing

Boris & His Bolshie Balalaika - Toadstool Soup (Slight Send) (M. Atha)
Saddar Bazaar - Night Descent (R.M. Hyder / S. Ryder / T. Royal / D. Spencer)
Praise Space Electric - Electric Sensation (Praise Space Electric)
14th Wray - Yuppie Deadhead Party (14th Wray)
Harrold Juana - Uncle Sam (Harrold Juana)
Dead Flowers - Chocolate Staircase (Swayambhunath / Manseed / McIver / Moorby)
Tangle Edge - Half-Moon Flower (Nygard / Horrigmoe / Johansen / Bergvik)
Watch Children - Did You Feed The Fish? (M. Saxton)
Dean Carter & The High Commission - Government Surplus Jam (D. Carter / M. Huxley / A. Green)
Omnia Opera - The Awakened (Omnia Opera)
The Inn - Who's My Name? (M. Cooper)
Wobble Jaggle Jiggle - Thoughts Of The Sky (C. Davey / R. Chambers)
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band - Thought Dial (Homer / Robinson)
Boris & His Bolshie Balalaika - Toadstool Soup (Slight Return) (M. Atha)
Terence McKenna

Bonus CD Tracks, from LP version of A Psychedelic Psauna

Cosmic Kangaroos - Ritual People (Cosmic Kangaroos)
Reefus Moons - Mr. & Mrs. Creature (R. Saxty)
Marshmallow Overcoat - 13 Ghosts (Panico / Gassen)
Dr. Brown - Freakbeat (Ellis / Shah / Cook / Anderton)
Jasmine Love Bomb - That River (K. Thompson / E. Kaspers)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Daevid Allen & Euterpe (Obscura No.1 Studio Rehearsal Tapes (1977)

Quite wonderful, especially with the continued non appearance of Daevid's 'Good Morning' on CD again. For anyone who's favourite Daevid musical era is the late Deya period this is an indespensible release. The cover says that it's a rehearsal for 1977 Gong reunion gig at Hippodrome in Paris and was recorded at Bananamoon Observatory studio in Deya, Majorca.
It sounds as if the majority of this tape was previously released as the GAS tape 'Deya Daze', although the sound quality is much, much better and therefore must have come from a master tape. Some of the tracks are longer, notably 'Magick Brother' where only the first couple of minutes were used on the 'Deya Daze' tape.
These CDs are in matt black card covers with silver and white printing drawn and designed by Daevid. This is the first of a planned 20CD series! Each release will a limited pressing of 1000 copies only - no more will be pressed.


· Daevid Allen: Vocals & glissando guitar
· Gilli Smyth: Spacewhisper
· Pepe Milan: Vocals & accoustic guitars
· Juan Biblioni: Vocals & accoustic guitars
· Cloudhairy Pepe Riba: Violin, souzaphone & contrabass

Track Listing:

1. Mystic Sister 03.03 (G. Smyth)
2. Magick Brother 07.22 (D. Allen)
3. Sittin in a Teashop 04.29 (D. Allen)
4. Have You See My Friend 04.09 (D.Allen)
5. I Am The Rapist 02.25 (G. Smyth)
6. Brothasista Invocation 02.30 (G. Smyth)
7. A Wee Bit More 06.00 (Milan/Biblioni/Allen)
8. Prostitute Poem 04.19 (G. Smyth)
9. Five and Twenty Schoolgirls 03.58 (D. Allen)
10. Time of the Bananamoon 04.38 (D. Allen)
11. Deya Goddess 08.26 (D. Allen)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Will-O-The Wisp - Second Sight (2000)

Will-o-the Wisp's expected comeback, "Second Sight", continues from where their debut album started. We can hear the band playing in a more energetic way, using twisted guitars and flutes. The flowing male / female vocals maintain the fairytale aura. The CD version (in a unique small psychedelic poster format) also includes a great postcard type insert.

You can find their album Ceremony Of Innocence (2002) here:

More Will-o-the Wisp on

Sunday, July 15, 2007

V.A. - Beatschuppen - Essential Club Music From The 60s (2005)

A very groovy comp about mod and beat 60's favorites played at the Atomic Cafe in Germany, compiled by Markus Weissenhorn aka Weyssi:

“Now the first »Beatschuppen« is finally finished, an explosive mixture of beat and garage, latin and soul, freakbeat and rock. D.R. Hooker sets it off with an irresistible groove – it is incredible that »Forge Your Own Chains« has remained more or less unknown until now. The same can be said about »Peanut Duck« (formerly assigned to Marsha Gee - nowadays it’s doubted that she is the singer). The song has been a classic on the mod-scene for years, but was only available on bootlegs as far as we know. Georgie Fame was somewhat more suc-cessful and has recorded several Atomic Café alltime favourites. »No Thanks« is the one I like playing the most. Some other regulars in our charts are »Have Love Will Travel« by the Sonics, »I Haven’t Got The Nerve« by The Left Banke and Ray Barretto’s »The Soul Drum-mers«. Three completely different songs that still have one thing in common: they’ll never ever leave a dancefloor cold. The guys from Young-Holt should be aware that you can’t buy the feeling for rhythm – still they sing »Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy«. Don’t you wish you had seen their live performance at the »Bohemian Cavern«? And imagine you had been at the »Plush Bunny« when The Village Callers played »I Don’t Need No Doctor«! The number of your local podiatrist might well have come in handy... I am particularly proud of the fact that Barry Tashian, singer of my favourite band The Re-mains, personally gave us his approval for »Why Do I Cry«. Here a wild version recorded live at 9 o’clock in the morning in the Capitol studios - after a long night. A magic moment for pop music, but also the beginning of the end for the band. Capitol shamefully didn’t give them the contract they were hoping for. If you are getting into the the »Beatschuppen« for the first time, try Timebox, or the fantastic Remo Four. »Beggin’« is pop as well as soul and the strings are already anticipating the se-venties. »Heart Beat« is sophisticated beat music with top musicians from Liverpool who re-leased their one and only LP »Smile??º« (1967) in Germany on the »Star Club« label from the famous club of the same name in Hamburg. Our regular guests will be delighted when they hear T.C. Atlantic and Terry Reid. Lovers of Latin soul will enjoy Bobby Valentin or the Orchestra Harlow. Lenny Kravitz fans will be surprised when they discover the original version of »Fields Of Joy« by the New York Rock Ensemble. What have the German hit song duo Cindy & Bert and Ozzy Osbourne in com-mon? This neat married couple came up with an action-packed version of Black Sabbath’s hardrock blueprint »Paranoid«. And the Canadian The Guess Who(?) gave us the garage bomb »It’s My Pride« - three years before they became famous around the globe with their rock anthem »American Woman«. Finally, to the only song – apart from »Forge Your Own Chains« and »Fields Of Joy« – that wasn’t recorded in the sixties: after the Chesterfield Kings, the Fuzztones, the Milkshakes and the Prisoners had iniciated a worldwide garagepunk revival in the early eighties, the Miracle Workers recorded „Inside Out“ (1985) on Voxx - the best album of them all. Nobody could have guessed that a song from their less successful follow-up record would still be filling dancefloors even today: »When A Woman Calls My Name«, issued by the now defunct Ber-lin label LSD. Singer Gerry Mohr personally gave us his approval for this great underground hit, widely unheard of – until now! Oh, by the way – do you want to know what »Beatschuppen« actually means? In the sixties, it was German slang for a place where wild parties with contemporary dance music took place – we believe that this kinda music will rock our Saturday nights forever. But don’t take our word for it: get some beers, invite 20 friends, play this record loud and see what happens... ...Weyssi wishes your hangover away”

1. D.R. Hooker - Forge Your Own Chains (1972)
2. Timebox - Beggin (1968)
3. Georgie Fame - No Thanks (1967)
4. The Village Callers - I Dont Need No Doctor (1968)
5. David Bowie - In The Heat Of The Morning (1967)
6. The Left Banke - I Havent Got The Nerve (1966)
7. The Tower - Slow Motion Mind (1968)
8. Cindy und Bert - Der Hund Von Baskerville (Paranoid) (1970)
9. Terry Reid - Superlungs My Supergirl (1969)
10. The Remo Four - Heart Beat (1967)
11. T.C. Atlantic - My Babe (1966)
12. The Remains - Why Do I Cry (live version) (1966)
13. Orchestra Harlow - Freak Off (1967)
14. Unknown Artist - Peanut Duck (1965)
15. Bobby Valentin - Use It Before You Lose It (1971)
16. Ray Barretto - The Soul Drummers (1967)
17. Young Holt Trio - Aint There Something Money Cant Buy (1967)
18. The New York Rock Ensemble - Fields Of Joy (1970)
19. The Guess Who - Its My Pride (1966)
20. The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel (1965)
21. Miracle Workers - When A Woman Calls My Name (1987)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

V.A. - Fading Yellow Vol. 9 - The Other Side Of Life (2007)

25 UK singles tracks, available on a compilation for the very first time. This volume 9 includes trax from UK 45s with such artists as Pop Workshop, The Marianne, John Pantry, Tapestry, Brendan Phillips etc!!


1.POP WORKSHOP - Fairyland
2.THE MARIANNE - As for Marionettes
3.SUSIE KLEE - Punch and Judy Girl
4.BRENDAN PHILLIPS - Is it worth a try?
5.PUSSYFOOT - Hasty words
6.HOGARTH - Suzies getting married
7.TONY RITCHIE - Rain on my window
8.JUMBO - Promises
9.JOHN PANTRY - Wash myself away
11.DAVE CHRISTIE - Penelope Breedlove
12.CHRISTIAN - Other side of life
14.TAPESTRY - Like the sun
15.ANDY FORRAY - Sarah Jane
16.RODNEY BEWES - Dear Mother Love Albert
17.GARY HAMILTON - Let the music play
18.MIKE LESLIE - Office Girl
19..MICKY JONES & TOMMY BROWN - If i could be sure
20.JON - Polly Sunday
21.TIMON - And now she says she is young
22.WISHFUL THINKING - Clear White Light
23.BRENDAN PHILLIPS - When sheZs kissing me
24.BILL FAY - Unrel Acetate
25.PAUL LAYTON - Sing Sadman Sing

Music kindly contributed by wilkin. Special thanks!

V.A. - Fading Yellow Vol. 8 - Hymns For Today (2007)


At last, here is a new FADING YELLOW cd comp., including magic trax from the late 60s/early 70s. If you dig the sound of Fairport Convention, early Bee Gees, Moody Blues, the pop/psych side of The Beatles, then this comp is for you. Volume 8 including trax from obscure UK LP's with such artists as Michael Blount, Danny Kirwan, P.C. Kent, Evensong, Gothic Horizon etc. 21 UK album tracks/acts, available on a compilation for the very first time.

1.HARVEY ANDREWS - England my England
2.JAN & LORRAINE - Bird of Passage
3.RAW - What to do
4.MICHAEL BLOUNT - Acorn street
5.DANNY KIRWAN - Lovely days
6.FUCHSIA - Me and my kite
7.P.C. KENT - After dark
8.VIGRASS & OSBORNE - Ballerina
10.MARC BRIERLEY - Today i feel like leaving you
11.STORYTELLER - Alice Brown
12.ANDY ROBERTS - Ive seen the movie
13.NADIA CATTOUSE - All around my grandmothers floor
14.JAN & LORRAINE - Snow roses
15.EVENSONG - The smallest man in the world
16.TREVOR BILLMUSS - Sunday afternoon in Belgrave Square
17.JOHN PANTRY - Long White Trail
18.MICHAEL BLOUNT - Ceaicles Micellaneous
19.ALAN JAMES EASTWOOD - Hymns for today
20.WIZZ JONES - One grain of sand

Music kindly contributed by wilkin. Special thanks!

Trees - On the Shore (1970/2007 Remaster)

This is an exceptional album and a remastered and expanded version is truly an exciting event! The original version of 'On The Shore' was released a year after Fairport's Liege and Lief, which was recently voted the most infuential folk album of all time. I've listened to both albums many times over the years but I think I return more often to Trees than Fairport. Sure, there's no Richard Thompson, and Celia Humphries' voice is not as expressive as Sandy Denny's and the writing skills of both those alumni from Fairport Convention went on to produce some breathtaking music.

However, I do believe that if Trees had stayed together for a few more albums they would now have a much higher profile and history would have accorded them a much greater respect.

The songs here are a mix of trad.-arranged and originals by the group, as on Liege and Lief. The instrumental sections are every bit as strong as, for example, Thompson and Swarbrick on 'Matty Groves' (just listen to the interplay here on 'Streets of Derry') and generally the music is heavier than Fairport's: I always crank up the volume as 'Polly On The Shore' comes to a close and one day I am sure my hi-fi will go up in smoke! It can of course be argued that without Fairport, Trees might not have existed, but they certainly deserve more recognition than they currently receive.

The extra disc in this set is exciting because so little material, apart from the original 'On The Shore' and their first album, 'The Garden of Jane Delawney', has been released. There is an Italian bootleg made by the final incarnation of Trees before they broke up in 1973 and that's about it.

But whatever the quality of the extra material, this package is worth every penny for the original album alone (assuming the remastering has been done effectively). Buy it! Tell them I said you could!

Line up
Bias Boshell / guitar, vocals
Unwin Brown / drums, vocals
Barry Clark / guitar
David Costa / guitar
Tony Cox / bass
Celia Humphris / keyboards, vocals
Michael Jeffries / harp

Track list
Disc: 1
1. Soldiers Three
2. Murdoch
3. Streets Of Derry
4. Sally Free And Easy
5. Fool
6. Adam's Toon
7. Geordie
8. While The Iron Is Hot
9. Little Sadie
10. Polly On The Shore
Tracks 1-10,Original Album,Remaster.

Disc: 2
1. Soldiers Three
2. Murdoch
3. Streets Of Derry
4. Fool
5. Geordie
6. Little Sadie
7. Polly On The Shore
8. Forest Fire (BBC Session)
9. Little Black Cloud (Demo)
Tracks 1-7 ,Remixed versions

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gary Walker and the Rain - Album No. 1 (1968)

Exact CD reissue of this excellent mod psych album that was originally only released in Japan, with original full colour artwork.. Similar to the psychedelic Small Faces with hints of Cream this is classic UK '60s psych. Includes the superb "Francis" as well as the bands excellent singles. (FE)

1. Magazine Woman
2. Sun Shines
3. Doctor Doctor
4. I Can’T Stand To Lose You
5. Market Tavern
6. Spooky
7. Take A Look
8. View
9. If You Don’T Come Back
10. Thoughts Of An Old Man
11. Francis
12. I Promise To Love You
13. Whatever Happened To Happy

Ana y Jaime - Es Largo El Camino (1968)

"Colombian youngsters Ana y Jaime were only 15 and 17 years old when recording most of the songs on this CD, in the very late sixties. You won't believe that when you hear the music. There's something for any '60s lover here -- the psychedelic fuzz dancer 'Es largo el camino,' the protest folk of 'Dire a mi gente' or 'Ricardo Semillas,' orchestrated '60s pop on 'Este viento,' some cool organ-drenched '60s pop, more dirty fuzz on 'Nina Nana' and 'Jerusalem' -- all in all a surprising and refreshing '60s nugget from South America which we're sure you will enjoy."

El Disco El Cultura Records has changed my life with this gem-encrusted reissue of Colombian brother-sister duo, Ana y Jaime (González), although I'm still struggling to accept the fact that the precocious siblings were only 15 and 17 years old when they started recording the album. The record is full of sophisticated messages and intricate arrangements. It quenches a wide range of thirsts, from pop-inspired folk-rock, like "Hombre Formal," to satisfying harmonies meshing with a circus of reeling organ sounds. Throughout, fuzzy, echoed vocals hover over traditional Latin American rhythms. And haven't you always wondered what a cumbia-inspired song would sound like on a Rhodes?

Sung all in Spanish, Ana y Jaime are equally triumphant in the lyrical department, whether it's an ardent folk song pleading a political protest or a psychedelic rock song that offers the wisdom of an old man; and Ana really gets me with her gentle crooning of "gente, gente" when she and her brother interpret Manuel Larroche's "Café y Petróleo," a song about Columbia and Venezuela's similar economical situations in the 1960s. Plus, I am only further baffled by the speed at which they sing in unison on "Nina Nana." And after listening to Es Largo el Camino several times, I must qualify Ana y Jaime's title: the road may be long, but it doesn't seem so tough while this record's around.

Carrie Pierce, Other Music, NYC

1. Cafe y Petroleo (3:05)
2. Dire a Mi Gente (2:10)
3. Es Largo El Camino (2:15)
4. A Desalambrar (3:01)
5. A Veces Quisiera Ser Ciego (2:53)
6. Nina Nana (3:21)
7. Jerusalem (3:02)
8. Este Viento (3:24)
9. Hombre Formal (3:20)
10. Dispersos (2:24)
11. A Las Seis (Cuantos Momentos) (3:43)
12. Dale Tu Mano Al Indio (2:34)
13. Ricardo Semillas (3:28)

3 Hür-El - 3 Hür-El (1972)

The first album by trippy Turkish trio 3 Hur El -- a great blend of Eastern sounds and western styles -- all coming together with a slightly progressive feel! The instrumentation often includes some heavy basslines underneath lighter lines on acoustic strings -- a blend of folksy and modern that's topped by passionate vocals and often underscored by some great heavy percussion -- all in a style that's a bit otherworldly, but oddly quite compelling! The set's definitely the kind that makes you say "I don't know what's going on here -- but I sure like it anyway" -- and titles include "Haram", "Ve Olum", "Ask Davasi", "Diday Dom", "Kara Yazi", "Olum Al Beni", "Pembelikler", and "Anadolu Dansi".

1-Aºk Davasi
2-Ve Ölüm
4-Gurbet Turkusu
5-Anadolu Dansi
7-Madalyonun Ters Yuzu
8-Diday Dom
9-Kara Yazi
10-Gule Ninni
11-Ölüm Al Beni

Listen to 'Ask Davasi':

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Various Artists - We Can Fly (1966 - 1971)

We Can Fly
UK Psychedelic Obscurities
27 Track Collection of British Psyche Rarities 1967-1972

1. Penny Peeps "Model Village" (02:52)
2. Loot "Try to Keep It a Secret" (03:11)
3. Moving Finger "Pain of My Misfortune" (02:32)
4. Anan "I Wonder Where My Sister's Gone" (02:50)
5. Peep Show "Mazy" (03:07)
6. Glass Menagerie "Frederick Jordan" (03:17)
7. Bunch "Looking Glass" (02:36)
8. Neat Change "I Lied to Auntie May" (02:20)
9. Movement "Tell Her" (02:38)
10. Sands "Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator" (02:06)
11. Kippington Lodge "I Can See Her Face" (02:15)
12. Infantes Jubliate "Exploding Galaxy" (02:20)
13. Smoke "That's What I Want" (02:28)
14. QPR Supporters "Supporters-Support Us" (02:50)
15. Trash "Trash Can" (04:51)
16. Orange Machine "Real Life Permanent Dream" (03:14)
17. Serendipity "Castles" (03:33)
18. Mickey Finn "Garden of My Mind" (02:32)
19. Kytes "Running in the Water" (02:35)
20. Portobello Explosion "We Can Fly" (02:46)
21. Fox "Mr Carpenter" (02:40)
22. Sound Barrier "Groovin' Slow" (03:05)
23. Mooche "Hot Smoke and Sassafras" (03:13)
24. Fruit Machine "The Waal" (02:42)
25. Image "Creation" (02:31)
26. Episode 6 "Love Hate Revenge" (02:57)
27. Peter Cook, Dudley Moore "The L.S. Bumble Bee" (02:45)

Listen to 'Kippington Lodge "I Can See Her Face"':

Various Artists - We Can Fly Vol. 2 (1966 - 1971)

1. Shy Limbs "Trick or Two" (02:05)
2. Brainbox "Amsterdam, the First Days" (03:09)
3. Cedars "Hide If You Want to Hide" (02:33)
4. Pugh "Love Love Love" (03:16)
5. Fitch, John And Ass ... "Stoned Out of It" (02:22)
6. Lords "Don't Mince Matter" (03:50)
7. Nite People "Love, Love, Love, Love, Love" (03:12)
8. Montanas "Difference of Opinion" (02:42)
9. Julian Kirsch "Clever Little Man" (03:24)
10. Blonde On Blonde "All Day and All Night" (03:36)
11. Avalanche "Rabbits" (03:48)
12. West Coast Consortium "Colour Sergeant Lillywhite" (03:05)
13. Tages "Fuzzy Patterns" (01:59)
14. Mirage "Hold On" (02:21)
15. Petards "Tartarex" (02:58)
16. Bystanders "Cave of Clear Light" (03:42)
17. A.P. Dangerfield "Conversations (In a Station Light Refreshment Bar)" (02:45)
18. A.P. Dangerfield "Further Conversations" (02:13)
19. Blinkers "Original Sin" (03:54)
20. Danny McCulloch "Colour of the Sunset" (02:40)
21. Joy Unlimited "Mr. Pseudonym" (03:46)
22. Moonshine "Garden of Men" (03:38)

Various Artists - We Can Fly Vol. 3 (1966 - 1971)

1. Magicians "Painting on Wood" (05:53)
2. O'Hara's Playboys "The Ballad of the Soon Departed" (02:30)
3. St. John & The Crew "I'm a Man" (03:14)
4. Murray Head "She Was Perfection" (02:47)
5. Tales Of Justine "Monday Morning" (03:22)
6. I Corvi "Sospesa Ad un Filo" (02:34)
7. Made In Sheffield "Amelia Jane" (02:32)
8. Mecki Mark Men "Free" (04:09)
9. Afex "She's Got the Time" (02:28)
10. Jackie Lomax "Genuine Imitation Life" (03:32)
11. Brincos "Passport" (02:52)
12. Excelsior Spring "It" (01:52)
13. Daddy Lindberg "Wade in the Shade" (01:57)
14. Pesky Gee "Where Is My Mind?" (03:00)
15. Cherry Smash "Sing Songs of Love" (03:03)
16. Softly, Mick & The Summer Suns "Am I the Red One?" (02:29)
17. Callan & John "House of Delight" (03:16)
18. Brut "My Kind of Feeling" (02:46)
19. Washington DCs "Seek & Find" (02:09)
20. Sugarbeats "Alice Designs" (02:31)
21. League "Hey Conductor" (02:34)
22. Shocking Blue "Send Me a Postcard" (02:34)
23. New Generation "Digger" (04:06)
24. Fox "Secondhand Love" (03:07)
25. Bulldog Breed "Paper Man" (03:19)

Various Artists - We Can Fly Vol. 4 (1966 - 1971)

1. Brass Tacks - "Maxwell Ferguson" (2:47)
2. Neo Maya - "I Won't Hurt You" (2:32)
3. Russell Morris - "The Real Thing (Parts 1 & 2)" (6:19)
4. Rokes - "When the Wind Arises" (3:19)
5. Eire Apparent - "Here I Go Again" (2:12)
6. Wimple Witch - "I Really Love You" (3:41)
7. Keith Shields - "So Hard Living Without You" (3:22)
8. 14 - "Drizzle" (2:08)
9. Lucas Tyson - "Daylight Child" (3:30)
10. Hopscotch - "Look at the Lights Go Up" (2:18)
11. The Truth - "Sueno" (3:05)
12. The Bunch - "We're Not What We Appear to Be" (2:21)
13. Griffin - "I Am the Noise in Your Head" (3:56)
14. Five Steps Beyond - "Not So Young Today" (2:49)
15. Tangerine Peel - "Trapped" (2:23)
16. Los Canarios - "What Can I Do for You?" (2:36)
17. Strange Fox - "Time and Tide" (4:20)
18. The Mint - "Luv" (2:23)
19. Orange Machine - "Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room" (3:02)
20. Ferris Wheel - "I Can't Break the Habit" (2:14)
21. Beatstalkers - "Sugar Chocolate Machine" (2:17)
22. Mindbenders - "My New Day and Age" (3:03)
23. Les Baroques - "Love Is the Sun" (2:12)
24. Terry Reid - "Fires Alive" (2:53)
25. Magnet - "Mr. Guy Fawkes" (3:57)

Various Artists - We Can Fly Vol. 5 (1966 - 1971)

1. Do You Dream? -- Circus
2. How Do You Feel? -- Harsh Reality
3. And Their Daddy Is A Millionaire -- The Iveys
4. Teacher Of Electricity -- Old-Gold
5. The Rich Man -- The Human Instinct
6. Shapes In My Mind -- Keith Relf
7. I Can See Through You -- Episode Six
8. Second Fiddle -- Gnomes Of Zurich
9. Foggy Tuesday -- Saker
10. Lights -- Kim Fowley
11. Radio City -- The Loot
12. Spare A Shilling -- The Bunch
13. Anyone There -- The Montanas
14. Friday I'm Free -- Groep 1850
15. Meditation -- Chris McClure
16. Follow Me -- Fruit Machine
17. How Much Longer Must I Wait, Wait -- Giorgio'S
18. Ballad Of Harvey Kaye -- East Of Eden
19. Un Ragazzo Di Strada -- I Curui
20. Salisbury Plain -- Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
21. City Life -- The Gibsons
22. I Got No Name -- The Orange Peels
23. The World Goes On Around You -- Mirage
24. I Don't Know Why -- The Cedars
25. Appleknockers Flophouse -- Cuby & The Blizzards
26. Theodore -- The Silver Eagle
27. P.M. -- Nite People
28. Look At Me -- The Nocturnes
29. Smokeless Zone -- Danny mcCulloch

Friday, May 11, 2007

Plastic Penny - Two Sides Of A Penny (1968)

Plastic Penny was originally formed from the ashes of The Universals in 1967. Vocalist Brian Keith, bassist Tony Murray and keyboardist Paul Raymond, along with guitarist Mick Grabham and drummer Nigel Olsson took their debut single, a cover of The Box Tops' Everything I Am to the U.K. Top Ten in the winter of '67. As their follow up single Nobody Knows failed to chart at all, Keith quit in the spring of '68 with Raymond and Olsson sharing the vocal spot. The group released Two Sides Of A Penny in '68 which was followed by a handful of singles that included Your Way To Tell Me To Go and a rocked up version of Hound Dog later in the year. After their 1969 album, Currency, the group went their seperate ways. Paul Raymond would join Chicken Shack and Savoy Brown before pounding out the keys with UFO, Tony Murray would join The Troggs, Mick Grabham formed Cochise with future Foreigner bassist Rick Wills (Grabham would later join Procol Harum).
Nigel Olsson joined The Spencer Davis Group before settling in for a short spell with Uriah Heep and then Elton John. (taken from


1. Everything I Am
2. Wake Me Up
3. Never My Love
4. Genevieve
5. No Pleasure Without Pain My Love
6. So Much Older Now
7. Mrs. Grundy
8. Take Me Back
9. I Want You
10. It's A Good Thing
11. Strawberry Fields Forever
12. Nobody Knows It
13. Happy Just To Be With You


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cottonwood - Camaraderie (1971)

From California, a short-lived outfit formed by the guitarist Gary Rowles after Love broke up. The music reflects the sleeve: bearded men running in the fields or meditating by the sea. It may sound quite naive and dated now. Rowles would later back Flo and Eddie and in 1973 join Richard Torrance and Eureka, an interesting Californian rock group (lovers of West Coast guitars may check their two albums on Shelter). (Stephane Rebeschini)

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Juan De La Cruz Band - Up In Arms (1971)

Regarded as the best album by this Phillipino band from the early '70s. Hard rock with psychedelic touches and particularly fine guitar work. Chosen as one of the ten best rare psych albums by Hans Pokora in his "2001 Collectors Dreams" book. CD edition includes 6 live bonus tracks. (FE)

01 - Justice (Where Are You)
02 - Stranger in a Strange Land
03 - Mystery Roach
04 - Requiem For A Head
05 - Lady In White Satin
06 - Love Of A Woman
07 - Kagatan - Live
08 - Balong Malalim - Live
09 - Beep Beep - Live
10 - Palengke - Live
11 - Langit - Live
12 - Sarap Ng Buhay - Live

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Kim Jung Mi - Kim Jung Mi (1974)

Groovy folk funk from mid 70s Korea -- mad, pulpy tunes from Kim Jung Mi -- possibly her best work ever! This wonderful self-titled set is a pretty deep left turn from her other material that we've been lucky enough to get our hands on -- this one really goes deeper into the trippier elements that pepper her work -- with deep, thumping bass lines, groovy organ washes and some strings! Groovy, groovy work and more than lives up to the World Psychedelia tag! 11 tracks in all. (Apologies for our lack of song titles -- all notes are Korean!) (dustygroove)

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

A.K.Salim - Afro Soul / Drum Orgy (1965)

Incredible! This is a stunning set of African-inspired jazzy percussion tracks -- similar to some of the work done by Art Blakey on his Orgy In Rhythm albums, but with a lot better horn work, and with an overall conception that's much more unified! AK Salim did some sleepier work for Savoy in the 50s -- but by the time of this 1965 recording, he was emerging as a progressive composer with a strong talent for bringing together disparate moods and styles. This rare recording was one of his best works ever, and it's one of the most unusual sides cut by Prestige in the 60s. It features Johnny Coles, Pat Patrick, and Yusef Lateef out front on horns -- plus backing by a host of Latin and African percussionists. Tracks are very long -- and the reed work of Lateef and Patrick makes the set especially worthwhile for jazz listeners. (

Listen to 'Salute to a Zulu':

A.K.Salim - Afro Soul / Drum Orgy (1965)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley - Earth Free (1972)

Recently discovered Christian hippie 1970s folkrock LP with a nice, loose vibe. Sound is typical for the style, rooted in a melodic CSNY sensibility, recalling Stills' melancholic moves in particular. I also catch an Eastcoasty "Big Pink" vibe here and there. Opening track is deceptively soft and poppy, after which the LP gradually increases its depth, ending up with some truly great numbers that rate alongside the best of the genre. Overall this is less SF jammy than Wilson McKinley or Last Call Of Shiloh, yet it clearly has a more personal, earthy vibe than things such as Harvest Flight or Chenaniah. Vocals are not remarkable but fit the overall reflective mood well, while the band plays loose (sometimes very loose) and laidback, with a bass unusually high in the mix for added groove. Comparisons made to Kansas City Jammers are useful, if you imagine this LP as the dark mirror image of the upbeat KCJ. There was also a 45 from the band. [PL] (

Vinyl rip from the 1972 original LP. It's also been reissued on CD.

1 Water To Wine
2 I Needed To Be In Love
3 I Wonder If She Noticed Me
4 Remember Our Love
5 I've Been There For A Long Time
6 Fugue From Lowertown
7 Race Of The Sun
8 She Won't Be With Me Tomorrow
9 Little Girl
10 I Lost My Love
11 Earth Free

Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley - Earth Free (1972)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Handgjort - Handgjort (1970)

More lost Scandinavian sounds from Silence, this one being a folksier variant on the Träd Gräs tribal hoe-down formula. Lots of hand drums and long hair. Hippie as hell, but decidedly non-stinky. Fantastic! (rateyourmusic)

Björn J:son Lindh Flöjt
Brulet Green Oboe
Dallas Smith Klarinett
Guy Öhrström Akutisk gitarr
Jan Bandel Gong
Kenneth Arnström Saxofon
Marcus Brandelius Ezra, sarod
Stig Arne Karlsson Sitar
Theo Greyerz Tablas


1. Kerala
2. Over the hill
3. Jamil
4. Scotland the Brave
5. Ferry to Panjim
6. Worlds on fire
7. Farmer Jack
8. Colombo
9. Bushat

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Arica - Heaven (1971)

Probably from New York, an obscure hippie group influenced by Eastern music and spirituality. Their album was recorded with various instruments: sitar, tablas, congas, flute, electric guitar and gongs. For fans of the Sufi Choir or Om Shanti.(Stephane Rebeschini)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Osibisa - Osibisa (1971)

First album from Ghanian rock collective, fusing the 'criss cross rhythms that explode with happiness' (the translation of the band's name) of their native highlife music with acid guitar, prog sensibilities and jazz improvisation.

'Osibisa' was formed in London, England in 1969. The nucleus of the band was from Ghana, others, like the unbelievable guitarist Wendell Richardson, came from Antigua; the bass player who was simply known as Spartacus (I'm Spartacus!) was from Grenada; the keyboard player from Trinidad; and the saxophonist was from Nigeria. However, what they all had in common was great musical rhythm, enthusiasm, and ability. Their music was borrowed from Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, African based drum music, Rock, Pop, and Latin Groove, to create quite an original sound. In Ghanaian 'Osibisa' means 'criss-cross rhythms that explode with happiness'. Now, how one word can say all that I do not know, but that is exactly how the music sounds, and they are the very words that introduce the first song on this, Osibisa's first, album aptly titled "Dawn". Like a breath of fresh air, Osibisa's music first came to prominence with the release of their first single "Music for Gong Gong'', included here on their first album, which was released at the tail end of 1970. It is a piece of music that will get even the most conservative of souls out boogieing on the dance floor. So it was great expectations when their first album was released in the early days of 1971 and the boys did not disappoint, arriving as it did when Prog-Rock was in its heyday. Each of these percussive driven songs blew away all the pretensions of those serious minded twiddlers in the likes of Yes, King Crimson, etc. Osibisa's unbridled enthusiasm was so infectious, you could not help but be dragged along by the sheer exuberance of it all. Although Osibisa's main strength was in their live concerts, they could also drum up a storm (quite literally) in the studio. Nobody at the time could have realized how influential their music was going to be in years ahead. Osibisa today is still known as the Godfather of 'World Music', and the effect of their big hit single "Sunshine Day" (1975) was to change the disco scene for ever. But this, their first album, was to set the template of the Osibisa sound for eternity. The band is still going today, albeit with only two of the seven original members left, which actually is not bad by today's standards considering that the band is now in their 35th year. Many of the songs on this collection are still in the band's live repertoire today. Like all good albums, the songs on this set play like a live concert. Opener "Dawn", which begins with the immortal translation of Osibisa, builds on a rhythm of percussion until giving way to let the individual soloist bring the song to a rousing conclusion - some seven and a half minutes later. You then get five other songs of criss-cross rhythms before being brought to a riotous climax by "Think About The People". When a band starts off its career with such a strong album, it is often difficult to keep up the standards set by its debut (especially with an ever changing line-up - Wendell Richardson, the band?s simply stunning lead guitarist, was at one stage lured away by British rockers "Free"). So it is perhaps true to say that Osibisa's studio output has been a little patchy since then, although their live concerts have never been short of marvelous, always led by Teddy Osei out front on drums, sax, fluttering flute, and vocals. This, their first album, is nothing short of a diamond. (Kim Fletcher)


1. Dawn
2. Music for Gong Gong
3. Oyiko Bia
4. Akwaaba
5. Oranges
6. Phallus C.
7. Think About the People

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trees - The Garden Of Jane Delawney (1970)

Debut album by the Trees, easily in the top three UK folk rock bands of the 70's, if not all time. Dating from 1970 the album blends trippy, twin lead guitar, West Coast acid rock with lilting English folk. The delicate female vocals of Celia Humphries and a haunting production weave a dark magical Celtic spell over misty musical moorlands. Captivating, beautiful and timeless.


1. Nothing Special
2. Great Silkie
3. Garden of Jane Delawney
4. Lady Margaret
5. Glasgerion
6. She Moves Through the Fair
7. Road
8. Epitaph
9. Snail's Lament

Listen to 'Lady Margaret':

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Garden of Jane Delawney

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ruthann Friedman - Lost Recordings (1965-1971)

Beautiful lost recordings from California folksinger Ruthann Friedman -- probably best known as the author of The Association's hit "Windy", but a heck of a great artist on her own! The tracks here are all pulled from Ruthann's private tapes, and document not only her fantastic (yet under-discovered) talent -- but also the fading glimmer of personally crafted folk music as the California scene of the 60s folded into the mainstream of the 70s. Many numbers often have a bit of a jazzy flourish -- if not in the guitar, then in the vocal inflections -- a style that's reminiscent of Joni Mitchell at her early best, but much more personal and intimate here. Titles include Friedman's own take on "Windy", plus "Sky Is Moving South", "Looking Glass", "Silver Bird", "Between The Lines", "Typical Sunday", "Hurried Life", and "That's All Right". -Dustygrooves-

Thank you Ruthann Friedman for your comments!


1. Hurried Life
2. That's All Right
3. To Treat a Friend
4. Sky Is Moving South
5. Looking Glass
6. Silver Bird
7. Between the Lines
8. I'm Askin'
9. Windy
10. Typical Sunday
11. Southern Comfortable
12. Alone at Last
13. Boy Took a Ticket
14. Method Madness
15. Little Girl Lost & Found

Monday, January 8, 2007

Various Artists - Garden of Delights (2006)

London's hip DJs - in particular those involved with the Big Chill, who admittedly do have a background in fine alternative music with the Cooking Vinyl label - have suddenly discovered folk music and folk rock and this compilation features the work of several seminal artists such as Duncan Browne, the Dransfields, Donovan, Pentangle, Shelagh McDonald, Decameron, Gryphon, Caravan (OK, not folk in the slightest but still good), Davey Graham, Shirley Collins, Fotheringay, Dave Swarbrick and Prelude (with their timeless cover of Neil Young's "After The Goldrush") A good place to start investigating the genre everyone is talking about. (FE)

1. Journey -- Duncan Browne
2. It's Dark In Here -- Dransfield
3. War Drags On -- Donovan
4. Rod's Song -- Shelagh McDonald
5. Sally Free And Easy -- Pentangle
6. Rock And Roll Woman -- Decameron
7. Sunset Eyes -- Davy Graham
8. Both Sides Now -- The Johnstons
9. Here Comes The Rain -- Trader Horne
10. All Tomorrow's Parties -- Oyster Band & June Tabor
11. In The Land Of Grey And Pink -- Caravan
12. Ploughboy's Dream -- Gryphon
13. Goat Island -- John Renbourn
14. Columbine -- Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight
15. Sky Is A Blue Bowl -- Spiro
16. Just As The Tide Was A Flowing -- Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band
17. It Suits Me Well -- Dave Swarbrick
18. Sea -- Fotheringay
19. All The Good Times -- Mr Fox
20. After The Goldrush – Prelude


Garden of Delights: a Folk Comp