Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Handgjort - Handgjort (1970)

More lost Scandinavian sounds from Silence, this one being a folksier variant on the Träd Gräs tribal hoe-down formula. Lots of hand drums and long hair. Hippie as hell, but decidedly non-stinky. Fantastic! (rateyourmusic)

Björn J:son Lindh Flöjt
Brulet Green Oboe
Dallas Smith Klarinett
Guy Öhrström Akutisk gitarr
Jan Bandel Gong
Kenneth Arnström Saxofon
Marcus Brandelius Ezra, sarod
Stig Arne Karlsson Sitar
Theo Greyerz Tablas


1. Kerala
2. Over the hill
3. Jamil
4. Scotland the Brave
5. Ferry to Panjim
6. Worlds on fire
7. Farmer Jack
8. Colombo
9. Bushat

Listen to 'Bushat':


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