Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trees - The Garden Of Jane Delawney (1970)

Debut album by the Trees, easily in the top three UK folk rock bands of the 70's, if not all time. Dating from 1970 the album blends trippy, twin lead guitar, West Coast acid rock with lilting English folk. The delicate female vocals of Celia Humphries and a haunting production weave a dark magical Celtic spell over misty musical moorlands. Captivating, beautiful and timeless.


1. Nothing Special
2. Great Silkie
3. Garden of Jane Delawney
4. Lady Margaret
5. Glasgerion
6. She Moves Through the Fair
7. Road
8. Epitaph
9. Snail's Lament

Listen to 'Lady Margaret':

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Garden of Jane Delawney

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ruthann Friedman - Lost Recordings (1965-1971)

Beautiful lost recordings from California folksinger Ruthann Friedman -- probably best known as the author of The Association's hit "Windy", but a heck of a great artist on her own! The tracks here are all pulled from Ruthann's private tapes, and document not only her fantastic (yet under-discovered) talent -- but also the fading glimmer of personally crafted folk music as the California scene of the 60s folded into the mainstream of the 70s. Many numbers often have a bit of a jazzy flourish -- if not in the guitar, then in the vocal inflections -- a style that's reminiscent of Joni Mitchell at her early best, but much more personal and intimate here. Titles include Friedman's own take on "Windy", plus "Sky Is Moving South", "Looking Glass", "Silver Bird", "Between The Lines", "Typical Sunday", "Hurried Life", and "That's All Right". -Dustygrooves-

Thank you Ruthann Friedman for your comments!


1. Hurried Life
2. That's All Right
3. To Treat a Friend
4. Sky Is Moving South
5. Looking Glass
6. Silver Bird
7. Between the Lines
8. I'm Askin'
9. Windy
10. Typical Sunday
11. Southern Comfortable
12. Alone at Last
13. Boy Took a Ticket
14. Method Madness
15. Little Girl Lost & Found

Monday, January 8, 2007

Various Artists - Garden of Delights (2006)

London's hip DJs - in particular those involved with the Big Chill, who admittedly do have a background in fine alternative music with the Cooking Vinyl label - have suddenly discovered folk music and folk rock and this compilation features the work of several seminal artists such as Duncan Browne, the Dransfields, Donovan, Pentangle, Shelagh McDonald, Decameron, Gryphon, Caravan (OK, not folk in the slightest but still good), Davey Graham, Shirley Collins, Fotheringay, Dave Swarbrick and Prelude (with their timeless cover of Neil Young's "After The Goldrush") A good place to start investigating the genre everyone is talking about. (FE)

1. Journey -- Duncan Browne
2. It's Dark In Here -- Dransfield
3. War Drags On -- Donovan
4. Rod's Song -- Shelagh McDonald
5. Sally Free And Easy -- Pentangle
6. Rock And Roll Woman -- Decameron
7. Sunset Eyes -- Davy Graham
8. Both Sides Now -- The Johnstons
9. Here Comes The Rain -- Trader Horne
10. All Tomorrow's Parties -- Oyster Band & June Tabor
11. In The Land Of Grey And Pink -- Caravan
12. Ploughboy's Dream -- Gryphon
13. Goat Island -- John Renbourn
14. Columbine -- Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight
15. Sky Is A Blue Bowl -- Spiro
16. Just As The Tide Was A Flowing -- Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band
17. It Suits Me Well -- Dave Swarbrick
18. Sea -- Fotheringay
19. All The Good Times -- Mr Fox
20. After The Goldrush – Prelude


Garden of Delights: a Folk Comp