Monday, July 30, 2007

Dimentia 13 - Disturb The Air (1989)

With the assistance of Glen Rehse, of Plasticland, acting as producer, Brad, Louanne and drummer Witold Janczak, have created a slice of 80's psychedelic rock that in future years will certainly be seen as one of the main representations of the genre. This is the first Dimentia 13 album to include musicians other than Brad and Louanne and it is a great pleasure to find guest appearances made by Glen Rehse (on keyboards) and John Fallon of The Steppes (who plays some superb raga rock guitar on "St. John Society's Children"). John Fallon's contribution came about by pure chance.
Brad:-"John happened to be in the US when we were recording the new album. He was staying in Chicago and got in contact with Glenn who told him about myself and the new recordings. He came down to the studio one day, while we were laying down some basic tracks, and kindly added some superb guitar work on a song I just happened to pick because it had a long instrumental passage in it. He did a wonderful job on "St. John Society's Children". It wasn't originally intended to be the close-out of the album until John came in a did his bit. I decided then that it sounded so good that nothing could possibly follow it!"
In addition to the guitar maelstrom of "St. John Society's Children" 'Disturb the Air' contains some sizzling psyched out passages of music that go hand-in-hand with some rather more laid back melodies. "Martyred Under Mary" rocks gently in the cradle of a beautiful, swooping bass line whereas "Do What You Will" and "Yesterday Will Never Tell" punch through to your subconscious with their sharp and dynamic acid-rock guitar lines. Amongst those guitar moments, mentioned previously, we find the very Barrettesque "It's Awfully Nice of You", the purely acoustic "Madrigal" and the ethereal floating astral navigations of "Disturb the Air" - the title track of the new LP that is given a fabulous keyboard embellishment by Mr. Rehse (who presumably also had some involvement with "Arousing Polaris", a song named after the pre-Plasticland group). Whether you like your psych bluesy, melodic, explosive or just plain weird that you will find something to satisfy your cravings here. (from Freakbeat Magazine #6, UK, by Richard Allen)

Bradley S. Warner: Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Louanne M. Varholick: Bass, Vocals
Drums by Witold Janczak except "Madrigal"
Lead Guitar on "St. John" by John Fallon (The Steppes)


Martyred Under Mary
Do What You Will
Get Me Out Of Sing Sing
Yesterday WIll Never Tell
It's Awfully Nice Of You
I Don't Want You
Disturb The Air
Arousing Polaris
St. John Society's Children

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

V.A. - Fun With Mushrooms (1993)

Hi! Lophophora Williamsii here!

It's that time of year again & my mate Psilocybe Semilanceata has just popped up for a cup of tea Mmmmmmm... nice one Mr. P!

Well, what have we here? "Fun With Mushrooms" indeed... (And we're not talking Chesswoods). Before we float off in a haze of purple electric pagodas, let me just say on behalf of both of us, that we're proud to be able to gibber on the back of this plastic pantechnicon of pulsating pyrotechnical performances. Now all you have to do is turn the lights down low, light up the joss sticks, make your body comfortable and powered by a psychedelic cup of tea immerse your mind in this fungus fantasia.

What we have here is some of the very best of current psychedelic music, music that goes beyond any fashion conscious trend, music that exists outside of any MTV Corporate Hype, and just like the mushrooms that inspired it, has a tendancy to sprout up all over the globe as a celebration of life... shouting out "Freedom", "Justice" &"Liberty" (Liber-tea?)... there for all those who want to explore... the ultimate taster of musical fungi sprouting through the crap & mundane. So eat, drink & be merry, and remember - as a famous freak once said "To be a mushroom is to rise above the shit"...


Lophophora & Mr.P

Track Listing

Boris & His Bolshie Balalaika - Toadstool Soup (Slight Send) (M. Atha)
Saddar Bazaar - Night Descent (R.M. Hyder / S. Ryder / T. Royal / D. Spencer)
Praise Space Electric - Electric Sensation (Praise Space Electric)
14th Wray - Yuppie Deadhead Party (14th Wray)
Harrold Juana - Uncle Sam (Harrold Juana)
Dead Flowers - Chocolate Staircase (Swayambhunath / Manseed / McIver / Moorby)
Tangle Edge - Half-Moon Flower (Nygard / Horrigmoe / Johansen / Bergvik)
Watch Children - Did You Feed The Fish? (M. Saxton)
Dean Carter & The High Commission - Government Surplus Jam (D. Carter / M. Huxley / A. Green)
Omnia Opera - The Awakened (Omnia Opera)
The Inn - Who's My Name? (M. Cooper)
Wobble Jaggle Jiggle - Thoughts Of The Sky (C. Davey / R. Chambers)
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band - Thought Dial (Homer / Robinson)
Boris & His Bolshie Balalaika - Toadstool Soup (Slight Return) (M. Atha)
Terence McKenna

Bonus CD Tracks, from LP version of A Psychedelic Psauna

Cosmic Kangaroos - Ritual People (Cosmic Kangaroos)
Reefus Moons - Mr. & Mrs. Creature (R. Saxty)
Marshmallow Overcoat - 13 Ghosts (Panico / Gassen)
Dr. Brown - Freakbeat (Ellis / Shah / Cook / Anderton)
Jasmine Love Bomb - That River (K. Thompson / E. Kaspers)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Daevid Allen & Euterpe (Obscura No.1 Studio Rehearsal Tapes (1977)

Quite wonderful, especially with the continued non appearance of Daevid's 'Good Morning' on CD again. For anyone who's favourite Daevid musical era is the late Deya period this is an indespensible release. The cover says that it's a rehearsal for 1977 Gong reunion gig at Hippodrome in Paris and was recorded at Bananamoon Observatory studio in Deya, Majorca.
It sounds as if the majority of this tape was previously released as the GAS tape 'Deya Daze', although the sound quality is much, much better and therefore must have come from a master tape. Some of the tracks are longer, notably 'Magick Brother' where only the first couple of minutes were used on the 'Deya Daze' tape.
These CDs are in matt black card covers with silver and white printing drawn and designed by Daevid. This is the first of a planned 20CD series! Each release will a limited pressing of 1000 copies only - no more will be pressed.


· Daevid Allen: Vocals & glissando guitar
· Gilli Smyth: Spacewhisper
· Pepe Milan: Vocals & accoustic guitars
· Juan Biblioni: Vocals & accoustic guitars
· Cloudhairy Pepe Riba: Violin, souzaphone & contrabass

Track Listing:

1. Mystic Sister 03.03 (G. Smyth)
2. Magick Brother 07.22 (D. Allen)
3. Sittin in a Teashop 04.29 (D. Allen)
4. Have You See My Friend 04.09 (D.Allen)
5. I Am The Rapist 02.25 (G. Smyth)
6. Brothasista Invocation 02.30 (G. Smyth)
7. A Wee Bit More 06.00 (Milan/Biblioni/Allen)
8. Prostitute Poem 04.19 (G. Smyth)
9. Five and Twenty Schoolgirls 03.58 (D. Allen)
10. Time of the Bananamoon 04.38 (D. Allen)
11. Deya Goddess 08.26 (D. Allen)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Will-O-The Wisp - Second Sight (2000)

Will-o-the Wisp's expected comeback, "Second Sight", continues from where their debut album started. We can hear the band playing in a more energetic way, using twisted guitars and flutes. The flowing male / female vocals maintain the fairytale aura. The CD version (in a unique small psychedelic poster format) also includes a great postcard type insert.

You can find their album Ceremony Of Innocence (2002) here:

More Will-o-the Wisp on

Sunday, July 15, 2007

V.A. - Beatschuppen - Essential Club Music From The 60s (2005)

A very groovy comp about mod and beat 60's favorites played at the Atomic Cafe in Germany, compiled by Markus Weissenhorn aka Weyssi:

“Now the first »Beatschuppen« is finally finished, an explosive mixture of beat and garage, latin and soul, freakbeat and rock. D.R. Hooker sets it off with an irresistible groove – it is incredible that »Forge Your Own Chains« has remained more or less unknown until now. The same can be said about »Peanut Duck« (formerly assigned to Marsha Gee - nowadays it’s doubted that she is the singer). The song has been a classic on the mod-scene for years, but was only available on bootlegs as far as we know. Georgie Fame was somewhat more suc-cessful and has recorded several Atomic Café alltime favourites. »No Thanks« is the one I like playing the most. Some other regulars in our charts are »Have Love Will Travel« by the Sonics, »I Haven’t Got The Nerve« by The Left Banke and Ray Barretto’s »The Soul Drum-mers«. Three completely different songs that still have one thing in common: they’ll never ever leave a dancefloor cold. The guys from Young-Holt should be aware that you can’t buy the feeling for rhythm – still they sing »Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy«. Don’t you wish you had seen their live performance at the »Bohemian Cavern«? And imagine you had been at the »Plush Bunny« when The Village Callers played »I Don’t Need No Doctor«! The number of your local podiatrist might well have come in handy... I am particularly proud of the fact that Barry Tashian, singer of my favourite band The Re-mains, personally gave us his approval for »Why Do I Cry«. Here a wild version recorded live at 9 o’clock in the morning in the Capitol studios - after a long night. A magic moment for pop music, but also the beginning of the end for the band. Capitol shamefully didn’t give them the contract they were hoping for. If you are getting into the the »Beatschuppen« for the first time, try Timebox, or the fantastic Remo Four. »Beggin’« is pop as well as soul and the strings are already anticipating the se-venties. »Heart Beat« is sophisticated beat music with top musicians from Liverpool who re-leased their one and only LP »Smile??º« (1967) in Germany on the »Star Club« label from the famous club of the same name in Hamburg. Our regular guests will be delighted when they hear T.C. Atlantic and Terry Reid. Lovers of Latin soul will enjoy Bobby Valentin or the Orchestra Harlow. Lenny Kravitz fans will be surprised when they discover the original version of »Fields Of Joy« by the New York Rock Ensemble. What have the German hit song duo Cindy & Bert and Ozzy Osbourne in com-mon? This neat married couple came up with an action-packed version of Black Sabbath’s hardrock blueprint »Paranoid«. And the Canadian The Guess Who(?) gave us the garage bomb »It’s My Pride« - three years before they became famous around the globe with their rock anthem »American Woman«. Finally, to the only song – apart from »Forge Your Own Chains« and »Fields Of Joy« – that wasn’t recorded in the sixties: after the Chesterfield Kings, the Fuzztones, the Milkshakes and the Prisoners had iniciated a worldwide garagepunk revival in the early eighties, the Miracle Workers recorded „Inside Out“ (1985) on Voxx - the best album of them all. Nobody could have guessed that a song from their less successful follow-up record would still be filling dancefloors even today: »When A Woman Calls My Name«, issued by the now defunct Ber-lin label LSD. Singer Gerry Mohr personally gave us his approval for this great underground hit, widely unheard of – until now! Oh, by the way – do you want to know what »Beatschuppen« actually means? In the sixties, it was German slang for a place where wild parties with contemporary dance music took place – we believe that this kinda music will rock our Saturday nights forever. But don’t take our word for it: get some beers, invite 20 friends, play this record loud and see what happens... ...Weyssi wishes your hangover away”

1. D.R. Hooker - Forge Your Own Chains (1972)
2. Timebox - Beggin (1968)
3. Georgie Fame - No Thanks (1967)
4. The Village Callers - I Dont Need No Doctor (1968)
5. David Bowie - In The Heat Of The Morning (1967)
6. The Left Banke - I Havent Got The Nerve (1966)
7. The Tower - Slow Motion Mind (1968)
8. Cindy und Bert - Der Hund Von Baskerville (Paranoid) (1970)
9. Terry Reid - Superlungs My Supergirl (1969)
10. The Remo Four - Heart Beat (1967)
11. T.C. Atlantic - My Babe (1966)
12. The Remains - Why Do I Cry (live version) (1966)
13. Orchestra Harlow - Freak Off (1967)
14. Unknown Artist - Peanut Duck (1965)
15. Bobby Valentin - Use It Before You Lose It (1971)
16. Ray Barretto - The Soul Drummers (1967)
17. Young Holt Trio - Aint There Something Money Cant Buy (1967)
18. The New York Rock Ensemble - Fields Of Joy (1970)
19. The Guess Who - Its My Pride (1966)
20. The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel (1965)
21. Miracle Workers - When A Woman Calls My Name (1987)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

V.A. - Fading Yellow Vol. 9 - The Other Side Of Life (2007)

25 UK singles tracks, available on a compilation for the very first time. This volume 9 includes trax from UK 45s with such artists as Pop Workshop, The Marianne, John Pantry, Tapestry, Brendan Phillips etc!!


1.POP WORKSHOP - Fairyland
2.THE MARIANNE - As for Marionettes
3.SUSIE KLEE - Punch and Judy Girl
4.BRENDAN PHILLIPS - Is it worth a try?
5.PUSSYFOOT - Hasty words
6.HOGARTH - Suzies getting married
7.TONY RITCHIE - Rain on my window
8.JUMBO - Promises
9.JOHN PANTRY - Wash myself away
11.DAVE CHRISTIE - Penelope Breedlove
12.CHRISTIAN - Other side of life
14.TAPESTRY - Like the sun
15.ANDY FORRAY - Sarah Jane
16.RODNEY BEWES - Dear Mother Love Albert
17.GARY HAMILTON - Let the music play
18.MIKE LESLIE - Office Girl
19..MICKY JONES & TOMMY BROWN - If i could be sure
20.JON - Polly Sunday
21.TIMON - And now she says she is young
22.WISHFUL THINKING - Clear White Light
23.BRENDAN PHILLIPS - When sheZs kissing me
24.BILL FAY - Unrel Acetate
25.PAUL LAYTON - Sing Sadman Sing

Music kindly contributed by wilkin. Special thanks!

V.A. - Fading Yellow Vol. 8 - Hymns For Today (2007)


At last, here is a new FADING YELLOW cd comp., including magic trax from the late 60s/early 70s. If you dig the sound of Fairport Convention, early Bee Gees, Moody Blues, the pop/psych side of The Beatles, then this comp is for you. Volume 8 including trax from obscure UK LP's with such artists as Michael Blount, Danny Kirwan, P.C. Kent, Evensong, Gothic Horizon etc. 21 UK album tracks/acts, available on a compilation for the very first time.

1.HARVEY ANDREWS - England my England
2.JAN & LORRAINE - Bird of Passage
3.RAW - What to do
4.MICHAEL BLOUNT - Acorn street
5.DANNY KIRWAN - Lovely days
6.FUCHSIA - Me and my kite
7.P.C. KENT - After dark
8.VIGRASS & OSBORNE - Ballerina
10.MARC BRIERLEY - Today i feel like leaving you
11.STORYTELLER - Alice Brown
12.ANDY ROBERTS - Ive seen the movie
13.NADIA CATTOUSE - All around my grandmothers floor
14.JAN & LORRAINE - Snow roses
15.EVENSONG - The smallest man in the world
16.TREVOR BILLMUSS - Sunday afternoon in Belgrave Square
17.JOHN PANTRY - Long White Trail
18.MICHAEL BLOUNT - Ceaicles Micellaneous
19.ALAN JAMES EASTWOOD - Hymns for today
20.WIZZ JONES - One grain of sand

Music kindly contributed by wilkin. Special thanks!

Trees - On the Shore (1970/2007 Remaster)

This is an exceptional album and a remastered and expanded version is truly an exciting event! The original version of 'On The Shore' was released a year after Fairport's Liege and Lief, which was recently voted the most infuential folk album of all time. I've listened to both albums many times over the years but I think I return more often to Trees than Fairport. Sure, there's no Richard Thompson, and Celia Humphries' voice is not as expressive as Sandy Denny's and the writing skills of both those alumni from Fairport Convention went on to produce some breathtaking music.

However, I do believe that if Trees had stayed together for a few more albums they would now have a much higher profile and history would have accorded them a much greater respect.

The songs here are a mix of trad.-arranged and originals by the group, as on Liege and Lief. The instrumental sections are every bit as strong as, for example, Thompson and Swarbrick on 'Matty Groves' (just listen to the interplay here on 'Streets of Derry') and generally the music is heavier than Fairport's: I always crank up the volume as 'Polly On The Shore' comes to a close and one day I am sure my hi-fi will go up in smoke! It can of course be argued that without Fairport, Trees might not have existed, but they certainly deserve more recognition than they currently receive.

The extra disc in this set is exciting because so little material, apart from the original 'On The Shore' and their first album, 'The Garden of Jane Delawney', has been released. There is an Italian bootleg made by the final incarnation of Trees before they broke up in 1973 and that's about it.

But whatever the quality of the extra material, this package is worth every penny for the original album alone (assuming the remastering has been done effectively). Buy it! Tell them I said you could!

Line up
Bias Boshell / guitar, vocals
Unwin Brown / drums, vocals
Barry Clark / guitar
David Costa / guitar
Tony Cox / bass
Celia Humphris / keyboards, vocals
Michael Jeffries / harp

Track list
Disc: 1
1. Soldiers Three
2. Murdoch
3. Streets Of Derry
4. Sally Free And Easy
5. Fool
6. Adam's Toon
7. Geordie
8. While The Iron Is Hot
9. Little Sadie
10. Polly On The Shore
Tracks 1-10,Original Album,Remaster.

Disc: 2
1. Soldiers Three
2. Murdoch
3. Streets Of Derry
4. Fool
5. Geordie
6. Little Sadie
7. Polly On The Shore
8. Forest Fire (BBC Session)
9. Little Black Cloud (Demo)
Tracks 1-7 ,Remixed versions

Disc 1:

Disc 2: