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V.A. - Beatschuppen - Essential Club Music From The 60s (2005)

A very groovy comp about mod and beat 60's favorites played at the Atomic Cafe in Germany, compiled by Markus Weissenhorn aka Weyssi:

“Now the first »Beatschuppen« is finally finished, an explosive mixture of beat and garage, latin and soul, freakbeat and rock. D.R. Hooker sets it off with an irresistible groove – it is incredible that »Forge Your Own Chains« has remained more or less unknown until now. The same can be said about »Peanut Duck« (formerly assigned to Marsha Gee - nowadays it’s doubted that she is the singer). The song has been a classic on the mod-scene for years, but was only available on bootlegs as far as we know. Georgie Fame was somewhat more suc-cessful and has recorded several Atomic Café alltime favourites. »No Thanks« is the one I like playing the most. Some other regulars in our charts are »Have Love Will Travel« by the Sonics, »I Haven’t Got The Nerve« by The Left Banke and Ray Barretto’s »The Soul Drum-mers«. Three completely different songs that still have one thing in common: they’ll never ever leave a dancefloor cold. The guys from Young-Holt should be aware that you can’t buy the feeling for rhythm – still they sing »Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy«. Don’t you wish you had seen their live performance at the »Bohemian Cavern«? And imagine you had been at the »Plush Bunny« when The Village Callers played »I Don’t Need No Doctor«! The number of your local podiatrist might well have come in handy... I am particularly proud of the fact that Barry Tashian, singer of my favourite band The Re-mains, personally gave us his approval for »Why Do I Cry«. Here a wild version recorded live at 9 o’clock in the morning in the Capitol studios - after a long night. A magic moment for pop music, but also the beginning of the end for the band. Capitol shamefully didn’t give them the contract they were hoping for. If you are getting into the the »Beatschuppen« for the first time, try Timebox, or the fantastic Remo Four. »Beggin’« is pop as well as soul and the strings are already anticipating the se-venties. »Heart Beat« is sophisticated beat music with top musicians from Liverpool who re-leased their one and only LP »Smile??º« (1967) in Germany on the »Star Club« label from the famous club of the same name in Hamburg. Our regular guests will be delighted when they hear T.C. Atlantic and Terry Reid. Lovers of Latin soul will enjoy Bobby Valentin or the Orchestra Harlow. Lenny Kravitz fans will be surprised when they discover the original version of »Fields Of Joy« by the New York Rock Ensemble. What have the German hit song duo Cindy & Bert and Ozzy Osbourne in com-mon? This neat married couple came up with an action-packed version of Black Sabbath’s hardrock blueprint »Paranoid«. And the Canadian The Guess Who(?) gave us the garage bomb »It’s My Pride« - three years before they became famous around the globe with their rock anthem »American Woman«. Finally, to the only song – apart from »Forge Your Own Chains« and »Fields Of Joy« – that wasn’t recorded in the sixties: after the Chesterfield Kings, the Fuzztones, the Milkshakes and the Prisoners had iniciated a worldwide garagepunk revival in the early eighties, the Miracle Workers recorded „Inside Out“ (1985) on Voxx - the best album of them all. Nobody could have guessed that a song from their less successful follow-up record would still be filling dancefloors even today: »When A Woman Calls My Name«, issued by the now defunct Ber-lin label LSD. Singer Gerry Mohr personally gave us his approval for this great underground hit, widely unheard of – until now! Oh, by the way – do you want to know what »Beatschuppen« actually means? In the sixties, it was German slang for a place where wild parties with contemporary dance music took place – we believe that this kinda music will rock our Saturday nights forever. But don’t take our word for it: get some beers, invite 20 friends, play this record loud and see what happens... ...Weyssi wishes your hangover away”

1. D.R. Hooker - Forge Your Own Chains (1972)
2. Timebox - Beggin (1968)
3. Georgie Fame - No Thanks (1967)
4. The Village Callers - I Dont Need No Doctor (1968)
5. David Bowie - In The Heat Of The Morning (1967)
6. The Left Banke - I Havent Got The Nerve (1966)
7. The Tower - Slow Motion Mind (1968)
8. Cindy und Bert - Der Hund Von Baskerville (Paranoid) (1970)
9. Terry Reid - Superlungs My Supergirl (1969)
10. The Remo Four - Heart Beat (1967)
11. T.C. Atlantic - My Babe (1966)
12. The Remains - Why Do I Cry (live version) (1966)
13. Orchestra Harlow - Freak Off (1967)
14. Unknown Artist - Peanut Duck (1965)
15. Bobby Valentin - Use It Before You Lose It (1971)
16. Ray Barretto - The Soul Drummers (1967)
17. Young Holt Trio - Aint There Something Money Cant Buy (1967)
18. The New York Rock Ensemble - Fields Of Joy (1970)
19. The Guess Who - Its My Pride (1966)
20. The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel (1965)
21. Miracle Workers - When A Woman Calls My Name (1987)

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