Friday, September 30, 2011

V.A. - Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978 (2011)

The progressive music scenes in 1970s Indonesia were largely underground as a result of strict censorship imposed by the dictator Suharto. Those who performed music marked by relentless fuzz, over the top, politically charged lyrics, strong rhythms and a cranky low-fidelity were truly rebellious. And the resulting output has been largely outside of the confines of this island nation unheard or ignored. Indonesia, based in large part on the restrictions imposed by Suharto, is better known for the coffee it exports than the music it creates. This situation hasn't been remedied by the rough-hewn Indonesian bootlegs that dotted the psychedelic landscape over the past five years. Thanks now to the tireless and expensive research of Canadian hip hop producer and Southeast Asian music specialist Jason Moss Connoy - and the trust that Indonesian rock legend Benny Soebardja placed in Now-Again Records as he traversed his homeland's islands securing the rights necessary for us to offer you this anthology - we feel like we can, in good spirits and conscience, shine the light on some of the most impressive organizations to offer their take on the psychedelic and progressive rock and funk sounds during the early shocking, shaking days of Suharto's regime. (


1. Panbers – Haai
2. Brims, The – Anti Gandja
3. Rollies – Bad News
4. Super Kid – People
5. Shark Move – Evil War
6. Golden Wing – Hear Me
7. Aka – Do What You Like
8. Ivo's Group – That Shocking Shaking Day
9. Ariesta Birawa Group – Didunia Yang Lain
10. Terenchem – Jeritan Cinta
11. Benny Soebardja And Lizard – Candle Light
12. Koes Plus – Mobil Tua
13. Gang Of Harry Roesli, The – Don't Talk About Freedom
14. Black Brothers – Saman Doye
15. Aka – Shake Me
16. Rasela – Pemain Bola
17. Freedom Of Rhapsodia – Freedom
18. Rhythm Kings – The Promise
19. Duo Kribo – Uang
20. Murry – Pantun Lama

V.A. - Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978 (2011)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gordon Wasson - Mushroom Ceremony Of The Mazatec Indians Of Mexico (1957)

Folkways Records FR 8975, this is a US pressing of the impossible to find "Mushroom Ceremony Of the Mazatec Indians Of Mexico". This recording, made by Gordon Wasson in 1956, attempts to chronicle a religious ceremony involving the ingestation of psychedelic mushrooms by Indians who are attempting to communicate with the Divine Spirit. Lots of wild, hallucinatory chanting and the like, which might even appeal to fans of phonetic sound poems or dadaist utterings. Another unusual historical document that only Folkways would have released. The originals came out in 1957 with a blue cover and this press has the tan cover from 1966. "HERE IS A SHAMANIC PERFORMANCE COMPLETE. DR WASSON, A PIONEER IN THE STUDY OF THE ROLE OF MUSHROOMS IN RELIGIOUS RITUAL, GIVES US A TRANSCRIPTION OF AN AUTHENTIC "CONSULTATION" OF THE SACRED MUSHROOM, IN SOUND. THE OCCASION WAS THE ILLNESS OF A YOUTH. THE MUSHROOM, THROUGH THE MOUTH OF MARIA SABINA, A FEMALE SHAMAN, DECREED THAT THE BOY MUST DIE. HE HEARD THE BAD NEWS AND DIED DAYS LATER. DR. WASSON TAPED THE ENTIRE VELADA. DR. WASSON IS ABLE TO PROVE THAT THE WORDS AND UNDOUBTEDLY THE CHANT ARE PRE-CORTES, GOING BACK FOR MANY CENTURIES. NOTHING LIKE THIS RECORD HAS BEEN DONE FOR THE NEW WORLD; IT IS RIVALED IN THE OLD WORLD ONLY BY THE VEDIC CHANTS OF INDIA". Recorded by V. P. & R. G. Wasson in Huautla de Jiménez, in the Mazatec Mountains in the northern corner of the State of Oaxaca, July 21, 1956

1. Chjon Nka
2. Chjon Nka Catsin
3. Santo...nana
4. Papa Papai
5. Na Ai - Ni Tso
6. Santo...Ji
7. Jan Jesu Cristo
8. Ji Nai
9. San Pedro
10. Soso Soso
11. Name of Plants
12. Pedro Martinez
13. Don't Be Concerned, Old One
14. Birds
15. Humming, etc.
16. Soft Singing
17. Finale

R. Gordon Wasson - Maria Sabina And Her Mushroom Velada (Ethno-mycological studies)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tirogo - Float (1977)

Originally released in Nigeria, 1977. "Tirogo is another great sample of lost African psychedelic music. It was recorded in Nigeria in 1977 and originally released on EMI, same as the great album BLO - Chapter One. This Nigerian rock-psych band Tirogo is similar to bands such as Ofege, BLO, Founders 15, Doves, and Aktion. Great African songs covered with wild guitar solos, spooky organ, great beats and strong vocals. 4 guys on the cover / 6 were actually in the band looking pretty young. It is getting harder and harder to find lost African bands since there is a big rave in the International music scene to hunt for good material. With the massive help of collectors and Now Again Records in the USA, who actually went to Nigeria to sign the boys, we are able to present this amazing album to you. It will suit the same music lovers who like Amanaz, The Witch, Question Mark and BLO." (


1. Float
2. Devil's Gonna Get You
3. Ajufo
4. Tirogo
5. Gypsy Girl
6. Let's Feed the Nation

Tirogo - Float (1977)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Arthur - In Search Of (1968)

ARTHUR 'In Search Of' LP (Switzerland, RD, Catalogue #RD 13)

Mega-rare early recordings (45 rpm single, unreleased tracks and 1-sided Two:Dot label demo LP release) circa 1968-69 of acid folk/psychedelic music by Arthur (later signed to Tumbleweed Records and at that point recording as Arthur Gee.)

'Long awaited release of this psychedelic/acid folk masterpiece from the North. Arthur started his career in Toronto, Canada as folkie in the mid '60s. In 1969 he went to Colorado and recorded a 1-sided demo LP that surfaced some years ago in collector's circles. It was on Two:Dot, the same label that Hendrickson Roadhouse was on. Only a handful of demo copies were released and sent out to major labels to get a record deal. This happened only later after he signed with Tumbleweed Records and released two albums as Arthur Gee. This first ever official release includes his complete demo LP, unreleased sessions and his mega rare 45 rpm both from before the LP and recorded in Canada. The music can be described as a mixture of Perry Leopold, William C. Beeley and early Pink Floyd (his 45 rpm) which is pure magic. Pressed on heavy audiophile vinyl, ultra heavy old style cardboard sleeve and an insert with a bio witten by Arthur.'

'Dark, damaged acoustic strum folk in Perry Leopold style but a bit stronger vocally. Missed notes, stream of consciousness lyricism, and obsessions with mystic and biblical imagery. Saddened reports on the lost state of the planet. A great loner mini-LP, although you really can feel too much.'
~Acid Archives/RM

'The last track is a killer deep guilt-trip on level with Perry Leopold.'
~Acid Archives/PL

Tracks on this LP are as follows:

* Armstrong Tourist Resthome
* Tea Gardens
* Sunspots
* Dimensions/Plain Talk
* Tea Gardens
* Plain Talk
* Warm Traitor's Breath
* Armstrong Tourist Resthome
* Miller Tragedy
* Untitled
* Confessions

Arthur - In Search Of (1968)


Special thanks to Opa-Loka from Lost-in-Tyme who ripped the album and donated it to this blog!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dave Pike - The Doors Of Perception (1966)

Dave Pike is a jazz vibes player who has made a selected number of fine jazz albums in the 1960's and 1970's. One of these is "Doors Of Perception" and features Lee Konitz, Eddie Daniels, Don Friedman & Chuck Israel.

The Doors of Perception, recorded by Dave Pike and his group, is one of the oddest records in his rather exotic -- and utterly hip -- discography. Produced by Herbie Mann and featuring a cast of all-stars including Lee Konitz, Eddie Daniels, Don Friedman, Chuck Israel, and Arnie Wise, this is the Pike version of an acid experiment. On this 1970 release (recorded perhaps as early as 1966), Mann gets all crazy with sound effects like echo chamber, piped-in applause from a make-believe audience, thunderstorms, the dancefloor of a crowded discotheque, a Leslie speaker recorded on overload on warbling audio tape, perhaps even the sound of a live date. Though only 27 minutes long, the impression of this disc will stay with listeners long after the record ends. It begins with a storm -- literally -- on "Free Improvisation": thunder, rain, the whole deal. Both Konitz and Daniels blow almost freely, with Pike improvising around them. However, the rhythm section keeps it all focused and in some kind of strange groove, and it works -- and it's only three minutes long. Things move quickly to a burning boogaloo jam on "The Drifter," with all the aforementioned effects (aside from the thunder) put into play. The heavy R&B vamp and Israel's electric bass kick it before Daniels solos and then Pike gets in the pocket and grooves. At just over seven minutes, it's the second longest cut and worth the price of admission. With its fuzzed-out bassline unlike anything heard before Miles Davis and Michael Henderson, the title cut walks a tightrope between Jazz for the Jet Set and West Coast-style cocktail jazz, as underscored by the heavily reverbed vibes and Friedman's hip piano work. "Ballad," on the other hand, is relatively straight, sweet, soft, and tender, but again features those spacy vibes. The whole joint gets taken out the door with "Anticipation," a hard bop number with great alto work from Konitz (albeit sounding a little warped by shifting primitive stereo effects) and Daniels that alternates between the latter's down-and-dirty blowing and the former's elegant phrasing. The rhythm section just dazzles, with Friedman doing some of his best work in both comping and soloing here. He's deep into the groove laid down by Wise and Israel -- the latter of whom walks that line and gets good wood on his upright. When Pike enters with his bright vibes, the whole thing moves off into jazz via the Jetsons! While The Doors of Perception may not be every Pike fan's cup of what have you, it will certainly appeal to those who dug his sides for the German MPS label in the early '70s. The bottom line: there is so little of his work available on CD in America anyway that this one -- particularly as a budget release -- is well worth plunking down the cash for. (AMG review by Thom Jurek)

1. Free Improvisation
2. The Drifter
3. The Doors Of Perception
4. Ballad
5. Anticipation

Dave Pike - The Doors Of Perception (1966)