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Gary Walker and the Rain - Album No. 1 (1968)

Exact CD reissue of this excellent mod psych album that was originally only released in Japan, with original full colour artwork.. Similar to the psychedelic Small Faces with hints of Cream this is classic UK '60s psych. Includes the superb "Francis" as well as the bands excellent singles. (FE)

1. Magazine Woman
2. Sun Shines
3. Doctor Doctor
4. I Can’T Stand To Lose You
5. Market Tavern
6. Spooky
7. Take A Look
8. View
9. If You Don’T Come Back
10. Thoughts Of An Old Man
11. Francis
12. I Promise To Love You
13. Whatever Happened To Happy

Ana y Jaime - Es Largo El Camino (1968)

"Colombian youngsters Ana y Jaime were only 15 and 17 years old when recording most of the songs on this CD, in the very late sixties. You won't believe that when you hear the music. There's something for any '60s lover here -- the psychedelic fuzz dancer 'Es largo el camino,' the protest folk of 'Dire a mi gente' or 'Ricardo Semillas,' orchestrated '60s pop on 'Este viento,' some cool organ-drenched '60s pop, more dirty fuzz on 'Nina Nana' and 'Jerusalem' -- all in all a surprising and refreshing '60s nugget from South America which we're sure you will enjoy."

El Disco El Cultura Records has changed my life with this gem-encrusted reissue of Colombian brother-sister duo, Ana y Jaime (González), although I'm still struggling to accept the fact that the precocious siblings were only 15 and 17 years old when they started recording the album. The record is full of sophisticated messages and intricate arrangements. It quenches a wide range of thirsts, from pop-inspired folk-rock, like "Hombre Formal," to satisfying harmonies meshing with a circus of reeling organ sounds. Throughout, fuzzy, echoed vocals hover over traditional Latin American rhythms. And haven't you always wondered what a cumbia-inspired song would sound like on a Rhodes?

Sung all in Spanish, Ana y Jaime are equally triumphant in the lyrical department, whether it's an ardent folk song pleading a political protest or a psychedelic rock song that offers the wisdom of an old man; and Ana really gets me with her gentle crooning of "gente, gente" when she and her brother interpret Manuel Larroche's "Café y Petróleo," a song about Columbia and Venezuela's similar economical situations in the 1960s. Plus, I am only further baffled by the speed at which they sing in unison on "Nina Nana." And after listening to Es Largo el Camino several times, I must qualify Ana y Jaime's title: the road may be long, but it doesn't seem so tough while this record's around.

Carrie Pierce, Other Music, NYC

1. Cafe y Petroleo (3:05)
2. Dire a Mi Gente (2:10)
3. Es Largo El Camino (2:15)
4. A Desalambrar (3:01)
5. A Veces Quisiera Ser Ciego (2:53)
6. Nina Nana (3:21)
7. Jerusalem (3:02)
8. Este Viento (3:24)
9. Hombre Formal (3:20)
10. Dispersos (2:24)
11. A Las Seis (Cuantos Momentos) (3:43)
12. Dale Tu Mano Al Indio (2:34)
13. Ricardo Semillas (3:28)

3 Hür-El - 3 Hür-El (1972)

The first album by trippy Turkish trio 3 Hur El -- a great blend of Eastern sounds and western styles -- all coming together with a slightly progressive feel! The instrumentation often includes some heavy basslines underneath lighter lines on acoustic strings -- a blend of folksy and modern that's topped by passionate vocals and often underscored by some great heavy percussion -- all in a style that's a bit otherworldly, but oddly quite compelling! The set's definitely the kind that makes you say "I don't know what's going on here -- but I sure like it anyway" -- and titles include "Haram", "Ve Olum", "Ask Davasi", "Diday Dom", "Kara Yazi", "Olum Al Beni", "Pembelikler", and "Anadolu Dansi".

1-Aºk Davasi
2-Ve Ölüm
4-Gurbet Turkusu
5-Anadolu Dansi
7-Madalyonun Ters Yuzu
8-Diday Dom
9-Kara Yazi
10-Gule Ninni
11-Ölüm Al Beni

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Various Artists - We Can Fly (1966 - 1971)

We Can Fly
UK Psychedelic Obscurities
27 Track Collection of British Psyche Rarities 1967-1972

1. Penny Peeps "Model Village" (02:52)
2. Loot "Try to Keep It a Secret" (03:11)
3. Moving Finger "Pain of My Misfortune" (02:32)
4. Anan "I Wonder Where My Sister's Gone" (02:50)
5. Peep Show "Mazy" (03:07)
6. Glass Menagerie "Frederick Jordan" (03:17)
7. Bunch "Looking Glass" (02:36)
8. Neat Change "I Lied to Auntie May" (02:20)
9. Movement "Tell Her" (02:38)
10. Sands "Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator" (02:06)
11. Kippington Lodge "I Can See Her Face" (02:15)
12. Infantes Jubliate "Exploding Galaxy" (02:20)
13. Smoke "That's What I Want" (02:28)
14. QPR Supporters "Supporters-Support Us" (02:50)
15. Trash "Trash Can" (04:51)
16. Orange Machine "Real Life Permanent Dream" (03:14)
17. Serendipity "Castles" (03:33)
18. Mickey Finn "Garden of My Mind" (02:32)
19. Kytes "Running in the Water" (02:35)
20. Portobello Explosion "We Can Fly" (02:46)
21. Fox "Mr Carpenter" (02:40)
22. Sound Barrier "Groovin' Slow" (03:05)
23. Mooche "Hot Smoke and Sassafras" (03:13)
24. Fruit Machine "The Waal" (02:42)
25. Image "Creation" (02:31)
26. Episode 6 "Love Hate Revenge" (02:57)
27. Peter Cook, Dudley Moore "The L.S. Bumble Bee" (02:45)

Listen to 'Kippington Lodge "I Can See Her Face"':

Various Artists - We Can Fly Vol. 2 (1966 - 1971)

1. Shy Limbs "Trick or Two" (02:05)
2. Brainbox "Amsterdam, the First Days" (03:09)
3. Cedars "Hide If You Want to Hide" (02:33)
4. Pugh "Love Love Love" (03:16)
5. Fitch, John And Ass ... "Stoned Out of It" (02:22)
6. Lords "Don't Mince Matter" (03:50)
7. Nite People "Love, Love, Love, Love, Love" (03:12)
8. Montanas "Difference of Opinion" (02:42)
9. Julian Kirsch "Clever Little Man" (03:24)
10. Blonde On Blonde "All Day and All Night" (03:36)
11. Avalanche "Rabbits" (03:48)
12. West Coast Consortium "Colour Sergeant Lillywhite" (03:05)
13. Tages "Fuzzy Patterns" (01:59)
14. Mirage "Hold On" (02:21)
15. Petards "Tartarex" (02:58)
16. Bystanders "Cave of Clear Light" (03:42)
17. A.P. Dangerfield "Conversations (In a Station Light Refreshment Bar)" (02:45)
18. A.P. Dangerfield "Further Conversations" (02:13)
19. Blinkers "Original Sin" (03:54)
20. Danny McCulloch "Colour of the Sunset" (02:40)
21. Joy Unlimited "Mr. Pseudonym" (03:46)
22. Moonshine "Garden of Men" (03:38)

Various Artists - We Can Fly Vol. 3 (1966 - 1971)

1. Magicians "Painting on Wood" (05:53)
2. O'Hara's Playboys "The Ballad of the Soon Departed" (02:30)
3. St. John & The Crew "I'm a Man" (03:14)
4. Murray Head "She Was Perfection" (02:47)
5. Tales Of Justine "Monday Morning" (03:22)
6. I Corvi "Sospesa Ad un Filo" (02:34)
7. Made In Sheffield "Amelia Jane" (02:32)
8. Mecki Mark Men "Free" (04:09)
9. Afex "She's Got the Time" (02:28)
10. Jackie Lomax "Genuine Imitation Life" (03:32)
11. Brincos "Passport" (02:52)
12. Excelsior Spring "It" (01:52)
13. Daddy Lindberg "Wade in the Shade" (01:57)
14. Pesky Gee "Where Is My Mind?" (03:00)
15. Cherry Smash "Sing Songs of Love" (03:03)
16. Softly, Mick & The Summer Suns "Am I the Red One?" (02:29)
17. Callan & John "House of Delight" (03:16)
18. Brut "My Kind of Feeling" (02:46)
19. Washington DCs "Seek & Find" (02:09)
20. Sugarbeats "Alice Designs" (02:31)
21. League "Hey Conductor" (02:34)
22. Shocking Blue "Send Me a Postcard" (02:34)
23. New Generation "Digger" (04:06)
24. Fox "Secondhand Love" (03:07)
25. Bulldog Breed "Paper Man" (03:19)

Various Artists - We Can Fly Vol. 4 (1966 - 1971)

1. Brass Tacks - "Maxwell Ferguson" (2:47)
2. Neo Maya - "I Won't Hurt You" (2:32)
3. Russell Morris - "The Real Thing (Parts 1 & 2)" (6:19)
4. Rokes - "When the Wind Arises" (3:19)
5. Eire Apparent - "Here I Go Again" (2:12)
6. Wimple Witch - "I Really Love You" (3:41)
7. Keith Shields - "So Hard Living Without You" (3:22)
8. 14 - "Drizzle" (2:08)
9. Lucas Tyson - "Daylight Child" (3:30)
10. Hopscotch - "Look at the Lights Go Up" (2:18)
11. The Truth - "Sueno" (3:05)
12. The Bunch - "We're Not What We Appear to Be" (2:21)
13. Griffin - "I Am the Noise in Your Head" (3:56)
14. Five Steps Beyond - "Not So Young Today" (2:49)
15. Tangerine Peel - "Trapped" (2:23)
16. Los Canarios - "What Can I Do for You?" (2:36)
17. Strange Fox - "Time and Tide" (4:20)
18. The Mint - "Luv" (2:23)
19. Orange Machine - "Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room" (3:02)
20. Ferris Wheel - "I Can't Break the Habit" (2:14)
21. Beatstalkers - "Sugar Chocolate Machine" (2:17)
22. Mindbenders - "My New Day and Age" (3:03)
23. Les Baroques - "Love Is the Sun" (2:12)
24. Terry Reid - "Fires Alive" (2:53)
25. Magnet - "Mr. Guy Fawkes" (3:57)

Various Artists - We Can Fly Vol. 5 (1966 - 1971)

1. Do You Dream? -- Circus
2. How Do You Feel? -- Harsh Reality
3. And Their Daddy Is A Millionaire -- The Iveys
4. Teacher Of Electricity -- Old-Gold
5. The Rich Man -- The Human Instinct
6. Shapes In My Mind -- Keith Relf
7. I Can See Through You -- Episode Six
8. Second Fiddle -- Gnomes Of Zurich
9. Foggy Tuesday -- Saker
10. Lights -- Kim Fowley
11. Radio City -- The Loot
12. Spare A Shilling -- The Bunch
13. Anyone There -- The Montanas
14. Friday I'm Free -- Groep 1850
15. Meditation -- Chris McClure
16. Follow Me -- Fruit Machine
17. How Much Longer Must I Wait, Wait -- Giorgio'S
18. Ballad Of Harvey Kaye -- East Of Eden
19. Un Ragazzo Di Strada -- I Curui
20. Salisbury Plain -- Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
21. City Life -- The Gibsons
22. I Got No Name -- The Orange Peels
23. The World Goes On Around You -- Mirage
24. I Don't Know Why -- The Cedars
25. Appleknockers Flophouse -- Cuby & The Blizzards
26. Theodore -- The Silver Eagle
27. P.M. -- Nite People
28. Look At Me -- The Nocturnes
29. Smokeless Zone -- Danny mcCulloch

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Plastic Penny - Two Sides Of A Penny (1968)

Plastic Penny was originally formed from the ashes of The Universals in 1967. Vocalist Brian Keith, bassist Tony Murray and keyboardist Paul Raymond, along with guitarist Mick Grabham and drummer Nigel Olsson took their debut single, a cover of The Box Tops' Everything I Am to the U.K. Top Ten in the winter of '67. As their follow up single Nobody Knows failed to chart at all, Keith quit in the spring of '68 with Raymond and Olsson sharing the vocal spot. The group released Two Sides Of A Penny in '68 which was followed by a handful of singles that included Your Way To Tell Me To Go and a rocked up version of Hound Dog later in the year. After their 1969 album, Currency, the group went their seperate ways. Paul Raymond would join Chicken Shack and Savoy Brown before pounding out the keys with UFO, Tony Murray would join The Troggs, Mick Grabham formed Cochise with future Foreigner bassist Rick Wills (Grabham would later join Procol Harum).
Nigel Olsson joined The Spencer Davis Group before settling in for a short spell with Uriah Heep and then Elton John. (taken from


1. Everything I Am
2. Wake Me Up
3. Never My Love
4. Genevieve
5. No Pleasure Without Pain My Love
6. So Much Older Now
7. Mrs. Grundy
8. Take Me Back
9. I Want You
10. It's A Good Thing
11. Strawberry Fields Forever
12. Nobody Knows It
13. Happy Just To Be With You


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cottonwood - Camaraderie (1971)

From California, a short-lived outfit formed by the guitarist Gary Rowles after Love broke up. The music reflects the sleeve: bearded men running in the fields or meditating by the sea. It may sound quite naive and dated now. Rowles would later back Flo and Eddie and in 1973 join Richard Torrance and Eureka, an interesting Californian rock group (lovers of West Coast guitars may check their two albums on Shelter). (Stephane Rebeschini)

Listen to '50 lbs of Smile':

Monday, May 7, 2007

Juan De La Cruz Band - Up In Arms (1971)

Regarded as the best album by this Phillipino band from the early '70s. Hard rock with psychedelic touches and particularly fine guitar work. Chosen as one of the ten best rare psych albums by Hans Pokora in his "2001 Collectors Dreams" book. CD edition includes 6 live bonus tracks. (FE)

01 - Justice (Where Are You)
02 - Stranger in a Strange Land
03 - Mystery Roach
04 - Requiem For A Head
05 - Lady In White Satin
06 - Love Of A Woman
07 - Kagatan - Live
08 - Balong Malalim - Live
09 - Beep Beep - Live
10 - Palengke - Live
11 - Langit - Live
12 - Sarap Ng Buhay - Live

Listen to 'Mystery Roach':

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Kim Jung Mi - Kim Jung Mi (1974)

Groovy folk funk from mid 70s Korea -- mad, pulpy tunes from Kim Jung Mi -- possibly her best work ever! This wonderful self-titled set is a pretty deep left turn from her other material that we've been lucky enough to get our hands on -- this one really goes deeper into the trippier elements that pepper her work -- with deep, thumping bass lines, groovy organ washes and some strings! Groovy, groovy work and more than lives up to the World Psychedelia tag! 11 tracks in all. (Apologies for our lack of song titles -- all notes are Korean!) (dustygroove)

Listen to 'track 1':

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Thanks RockAnthology!

RockAnthology wrote:

Hi! Just wanted to say hello to you and to tell you that at my blog I posted Volume 4 My Tribute To Blogs and it was your turn now. Thanx for great music you post. Tribute to Garden Of Delights you can see @

RockAnthology :)

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A.K.Salim - Afro Soul / Drum Orgy (1965)

Incredible! This is a stunning set of African-inspired jazzy percussion tracks -- similar to some of the work done by Art Blakey on his Orgy In Rhythm albums, but with a lot better horn work, and with an overall conception that's much more unified! AK Salim did some sleepier work for Savoy in the 50s -- but by the time of this 1965 recording, he was emerging as a progressive composer with a strong talent for bringing together disparate moods and styles. This rare recording was one of his best works ever, and it's one of the most unusual sides cut by Prestige in the 60s. It features Johnny Coles, Pat Patrick, and Yusef Lateef out front on horns -- plus backing by a host of Latin and African percussionists. Tracks are very long -- and the reed work of Lateef and Patrick makes the set especially worthwhile for jazz listeners. (

Listen to 'Salute to a Zulu':

A.K.Salim - Afro Soul / Drum Orgy (1965)