Wednesday, May 30, 2007

3 Hür-El - 3 Hür-El (1972)

The first album by trippy Turkish trio 3 Hur El -- a great blend of Eastern sounds and western styles -- all coming together with a slightly progressive feel! The instrumentation often includes some heavy basslines underneath lighter lines on acoustic strings -- a blend of folksy and modern that's topped by passionate vocals and often underscored by some great heavy percussion -- all in a style that's a bit otherworldly, but oddly quite compelling! The set's definitely the kind that makes you say "I don't know what's going on here -- but I sure like it anyway" -- and titles include "Haram", "Ve Olum", "Ask Davasi", "Diday Dom", "Kara Yazi", "Olum Al Beni", "Pembelikler", and "Anadolu Dansi".

1-Aºk Davasi
2-Ve Ölüm
4-Gurbet Turkusu
5-Anadolu Dansi
7-Madalyonun Ters Yuzu
8-Diday Dom
9-Kara Yazi
10-Gule Ninni
11-Ölüm Al Beni

Listen to 'Ask Davasi':

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