Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jean-Pierre Massiera - Midnight Massiera - The B-Music Of Jean-Pierre Massiera (2009)

18 sacred psychedelic suppositories from the laboratory of Mad Scientist and scalpel happy Pop-mutilator Jean-Pierre Massiera. Including the rarest and most sought after fuzz-Funk, spooked-Surf and interplanetary-Prog from "The French Joe Meek" and all his schizoid split-personalities and freakish friends - The Maledictus Sound, Chico Magnetic Band, Visitors, Human Egg, The Pirhana Sound and Jesus himself. Bow down to the 9 headed monster as he mutates and shape-shifts back through time to his humble beginnings in a Buenos Aireian province ravaging and pillaging the music of the European people for his own twisted benediction along the way. Add sprinklings of schizophrenia, shock, mirth and macabre and you are on the way to a B-Movie broth with an acquired taste, that has, like all the best cheese, taken aver 30 years to mature to perfection. In the earlier part of his career he honed his sordid kraft amongst psychedelic circles in Nice and Quebec. From late 1972 onwards he moved to Antibes and started a Disco revolution and became an in demand cosmic record producer. For years Prog Rock obsessives and Disco aficionados have wondered if there was 2 unrelated freak merchants called Jean-Pierre Massiera, but, in this rare instance, exploito-maniacs from both sides of the cosmic coin are united by the work of this singular, single handed monstrous music manufactory! (

Midnight Massiera: The B-Music of Jean-Pierre Massiera

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