Friday, December 8, 2006

Creme and Godley - Consequences (1977)

Review by Unicorn:

The first record Creme and Godley released after their departure from 10cc is a monumental, ambitious work that lasts nearly 2 hours - and it is one of my favourite records of all time. It was published 1977 in an expensive 3LP-box, probably too expensive for a number of possible buyers. I still remember it being the most expensive record i ever bought. 1991 followed a double-CD edition limited to 3000 worldwide. It was impossible to get it in a normal record shop, at last i found a used copy in a specialty shop in a foreign country and again i had to pay a real nice sum for it. With a price policy like that it is no wonder that the record always was quite rare, which is a pity because it is so wonderful.At the beginning and the end there are 2 very long instrumental parts. The first with extensive use of the gizmo, a device the two had invented to change sounds of electric guitar, from which they thought it would revolutionize the rockmusic world. But as far as i know nobody else except them ever used this thing. The second at the end "Blint´s Tune" is a parody of a classic symphony knitted together from stolen musical themes from beginning to end. Inbetween you find an audioplay with interwoven musical snippets. The story deals about Mr. Blint, a mad musician in a wheelchair who is the only person being able to save the world from going down with his music based on his weird theories (but "Blint´s Tune" reveals that it is nothing but rubbish).The whole thing is very intelligent and extremely funny from beginnig to end, the music is better than everything from them that followed on later albums. My favourite is "Sailor", a tune that impresses with it´s simplicity.This is a masterpiece that should have a place in the top ten rock records of all time!

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Consequences - Limited Edition

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