Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bachdenkel - Lemmings (1970)

Bachdenkel were located in France and as a result, they were not fully updated about the contamporary currents of British prog of the era, this worked in their favour as they used influences of the late 60's and updated them independently, they mix influences from the Beatles' Psychedelic era, singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Eastern and Hippie music and philosophy in a "Progressive" context. The result is magnificent, great songs with beautiful and unusual lyrics, great music and Swinburne's unique and warm vocals makes this album a great listening experience, a true masterpiece and highly recommended. (Gil Keltch)


1. Translation
2. Equals
3. An Appointment With The Master
4. The Settlement Song
5. Long Time Living
6. Strangerstill
7. Come All Ye Faceless
8. The Slightest Distance
9. Donna
10. A Thousand Pages Before

Bachdenkel - Lemmings (1970)

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